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kathmandu’s kings: the men behind australia’s ‘everywhere’ puffer jacket

by:Breitex      2020-06-17
With waterproof pants, climbing staff, ergonomic backpacks, you won\'t put your physical therapist on a speed dial.
And of course the porpoise.
The jackets and vests that keep you warm look like the owner of the Michelin restaurant.
Even Prince Harry and British Prime Minister Theresa May favor porpoise, while singer solanji Knowles turned the porpoise into a work of art at May\'s London Metropolitan celebration.
The heart of Australia\'s outdoor industry is Kathmandu, which is celebrating its 30 th anniversary.
Since January New Zealand people Cameron and John in Posen in 1987 in Melbourne first store since happens the very big change.
Technology has penetrated into tourism and outdoors,
Ben Ryan, chief product manager at Kathmandu, said the thick Lonely Planet books had been replaced by kindle and iPads and the outdoor industry had to keep up.
\"30 years ago, we might get away with more punishment than we do now.
At that time, you can make a well-fitted jacket that will keep you warm and people will wear it.
But now customers expect more . \"
A $1 company. 3-
One of the biggest challenges of the billion Australian outdoor clothing market is to balance the features and shapes of core hikers and farmers market hipsters.
\"We have to provide style, but not at the expense of performance,\" said Mr Ryan . \".
\"We have to understand the needs of consumers, not just the fools who look like the jungle.
The rise of \"Normcore\" and \"gorpcore\"-both terms describe the rise of pragmatism and outdoor clothing to advanced fashion-and also bring new streets to the dolphin jacket
At the latest fashion show in Paris, Balenciaga launched a Blue Dolphin jacket for thousands of dollars. But Canadian-
The birth of Tim Loftus, global marketing manager at Kathmandu, dispelled fashion\'s sudden obsession with outdoor activities --
Inspired costume.
\"I am far from the fashion trend I can imagine.
I don\'t think it\'s a fleeting thing.
\"People need functionality and style-so it seems to me that they have just returned to sanity,\" he said . \".
Even for ordinary people, \"it doesn\'t look like a Fool\" is not cheap.
A down jacket costs more than $500.
Kathmandu enjoys a high reputation for promotions and discounts, but Ryan says it is not interested in the \"rear end race.
\"In terms of price, you have to compromise your values or the quality of the product, and we are not prepared to do these two things.
\"There is always one person who is ready to give up more values than we are willing to give up,\" he said . \".
Values such as sustainability and ethical fashion rank higher among consumers than ever before, especially due to recent phenomena such as ABC\'s waste war program.
\"We don\'t want people to buy a lot of things that will eventually be buried.
\"We want to give them great products they want to wear and it will look good,\" said Mr Ryan . \".
In October, Kathmandu released the most eco-friendly clothing to date: a hoodie made of sustainable cotton and recycled plastic beverage bottles, dyed with a special patented technology, combine the color of beets and oranges with the fabric.
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