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kickstarter pick of the week: the drinking jacket, a beer lover’s bff

by:Breitex      2020-06-17
Kickstarter picks out the weekly series of vulis Vulcan Post, and we share some of the most notable and creative projects that have positively improved our lives.
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Cut this out, and that drinking jacket is not just a BFF for beer lovers-
It\'s for anyone who drinks cold drinks.
Notice that whenever you take a cold drink, the needle and needle will go through your hand?
No matter how many paper towels you cover the bottle, it will not protect you from the cold.
It\'s a pain, isn\'t it?
Good news because you don\'t have to go through it again.
This jacket is very comfortable and is destined to be your favorite hoodie.
But in addition to keeping you warm, it will keep your drinks cold! It has a built-
In bottle opener, neoprene koozie pocket, hidden flask pocket, drinking gloves, sunglasses holder and many other features, this jacket is the best drinking jacket ever—
Many features of this jacket (
Photo source: jacket for drinking)
Built from Zane Lamprey, this drinking water jacket is made of cotton, polyester and folds®Pattern fabric.
There may still be 27 days left for the Kickstarter campaign, but it has achieved its goal of $50,000.
As far as I know, it has exceeded $60,000 with 600 supporters.
If the name seven prey sounded the alarm, it was because he was the owner of three sheets, it was easy to drink and was the first fan ever
TV series funded by CCTV.
Photo source: the drinking water jacket is a great accessory for the party.
It lets you relax and makes you have the fun of a bucket.
The bottle opener zipper is very smart and very convenient, in Lamprey\'s words, you \"get back all the time you want to find the bottle opener because you can always get one \".
Right next to it is a zip cover to prevent the bottle opener zipper from hitting your face.
Another successful feature of this drinking accessory is its drinking gloves.
These gloves are in the sleeves.
Keep your hands warm.
If the gloves are blocking the road, simply fold the cuffs (pictured below).
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Take it from someone with a very sensitive finger.
I am a huge fan of the hoodie and if I buy a new hoodie it will be the masterpiece.
I don\'t drink, but it works as well as cold drinks.
It has a sun glasses rack and many different types of pockets, your passport, wallet and (gasp)beer.
You don\'t even need a table because of the neoprene
Lined beer kookie pocket can hold your beer bottle very well.
If you are a heavy man and get drunk after a few drinks, you may be worried about getting home safely, especially since we live in a city full of mobile vehicles.
Image source: Drinking page luckily the reflective logo is printed on the hood of this jacket.
It\'s a little small, of course, but it can help cars in the past find you.
Lamprey came up with a drink accessory that made us warm, safe and visible, which was a compliment to Lamprey.
So far it has a color, charcoal filter (heather grey).
According to Kickstarter, if the jacket costs $100,000, then \"merlot (heather maroon)
Will be a choice.
Burnt Oak trees cost $150 (heather black)
Become available.
\"Once the event is over, supporters will send a survey by email to let them choose the size, color and shipping information of the jacket.
Early supporters could buy the jacket for $75.
73 of the 500 points are claimed, so if you want to score, you should go to stat, its official page.
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