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Knowledges of sportswear

by:Breitex      2021-03-16
1. The color of the swimwear:
The colors used in women's swimwear need to be combined with trends. In response to younger swimwear's movement, the colors currently in use are mainly 'medium color and high brightness'. High-brightness matte colors, such as 'soft pink, water blue, and even chromatic white, have been widely used.

2. Swimwear washing:
Most swimwear cleaning: use cold water (not more than 30 degrees warm water) to wash and air-dry the swimsuit factory. First, immerse the swimsuit in the water below 30 degrees in the swimsuit factory and add a little mild detergent. After 10 minutes, gently scrub with your hands, rinse thoroughly with water, wring out a little, and dry in a cool place in the shade swimsuit factory.
Note: Do not use hot bathing suit factory water, washing machine to de-stir and dry in the sun. Never use detergents such as soap, washing powder, laundry detergent, or bleach. Because most cleaning agents contain bleaching and fluorescent ingredients, if used, it will destroy the color of the swimwear and impair the elasticity.

3. the maintenance of swimwear:
Swimwear is like the fashion of a swimsuit factory. It requires careful maintenance to extend the life of wearing a swimsuit factory. First of all, the correct knowledge of care is indispensable:
1. The salt of the seawater, the chlorine in the swimming pool, chemicals, and oil will destroy the swimwear elasticity. When using suntan lotion, wear a swimsuit before applying suntan lotion. Before going into the water, wet your swimsuit with clean water to reduce damage. After swimming, you should rinse your body before taking off your swimsuit.
2. Remember not to put wet swimsuits in the bag for a long time in the swimsuit factory to avoid heat fading or odor. It should be washed by hand with clean water, rubbed quickly, dried with a towel, and dried in a cool place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.
3. Do not use a washing machine to stir, spin, or sun, let alone use the dryer to damage the material and cause deformation.
4. Washing powder and bleach will damage the elasticity of swimsuits and should be avoided.
5. After putting on a swimsuit, avoid sitting on rough surfaces such as mud, sand, rocks in the water swimsuit factory, which will quickly cause the skin of the swimsuit to wear, which will reduce the life of the swimsuit.
6. It is best to take off the swimsuit after playing in the water. It is best to wash the salt powder, sand, chloride, solar oil, sunscreen lotion, and corrosive substances on the swimsuit with clean water on the spot; these will damage and erode the material of the swimsuit.
7. Don't wring out the swimsuit that has just been taken off from the swimsuit factory. It can be rolled into a dry towel to absorb too much moisture; do not leave it in a bag or car trunk for a long time to avoid heat fading, and it should be as soon as possible hand washes with clean water and air-dry to avoid moldy and odor. To not damage the swimsuit material and deform the swimsuit, you can put the swimsuit flat on a dry towel, let the towel absorb the swimsuit's moisture, and do not curl the wet swimsuit.
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