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lululemon officially has the best leggings: our detailed ranking of 10 workout pants

by:Breitex      2020-06-12
Some fitness pants look super
Lovely in the shop, even in the dressing room mirror.
But after strenuous exercise, they sometimes turn into a rough pair of sweat stains.
So how does a girl decide which leggings to buy without turning the fitting room into your private gym?
By reading this article.
Here is my detailed ranking of 10 fitness pants based on sweat absorption ability, belt shape, ankle/calf width, late night ability, print and underwear line visibility.
5 out of each category and 30 out of total. (
Girl, I\'m looking out: I even took an awkward picture for you! )1. Lululemon$92;
The incentive is tight (Mesh); shop. lululemon.
ComSweat absorbency: 5I wore these to a trampoline park with a sweat stream on the back of trampoline, which is true. . .
But you don\'t even know I jumped.
There is no sweat in my pants.
Belt: 5 It is thick and comfortable, right on the top of lovehandle-
Area, which makes it flattering!
Ankle/calf width: 5 leggings stuck to my ankle but not so tight so left a mark.
Did I mention I went to trampoline park wearing these?
I jumped for an hour and there was no need to re-adjust my pants.
I gave the pants \"\" because not only did they stay up late, but they also comfortably compressed my thigh shake.
Good job, Lululemon.
Print: 5 this pair I tested is simple black, but the esh stripes at the lower leg and zip make them interesting.
These pockets are also practical and great for keys.
VPL: 5 no visible underwear thread.
Overall: 30/30 is, they are perfect. 2.
$65 Kylie andwood, Calia;
The necessary printing is closely matched with capris;
ComSweat absorbency: 5 I was sweating when I was wearing these pants, outside, working out in the hot sun.
But the legs were completely dry.
Belt: 5 It is thick and flattering and my key has a nice zip pocket.
Ankle/calf width: tighten the fabric at 5 calves to ensure a comfortable fit.
Stay up late: 5 these pants don\'t need to be pulled!
Print: fun for 5A, floral pattern for spring.
VPL: 5I wear ordinary underwear (not a thong)
But you can\'t say it.
Overall: The 30/30 compression factor is the only reason lulullemon is decent to exceed thesepricedpants.
Kelly andwood! 3. PrismSport$86;
Kaleidoscope of Capri; prismsport.
This is the thinnest and lightest trousers I have tried on.
Still, you can\'t see my sweat in boot camp class. Magic!
Belt: very comfortable!
I like purple.
Ankle/calf width: 5, I don\'t feel like I\'m wearing anything, so I think that means it\'s perfect. Stay up: 4.
This is the only deduction because I have to pull my pants up once or twice.
It\'s called a kaleidoscope. it\'s great.
Miraculously, these are not seen. through. Overall:29.
After 5/30 exercise, I don\'t want to take these off. 4.
$54. 99; fly-by printed;
Sweat absorption capacity: 5 mesh holes behind the knee actually help my sweaty legs to drain the air.
Belt: 5 It is very thick and the key has a convenient back zip pocket.
There is no awkward hip roll here.
Ankle/calf width: 5 Don\'t be too tight, don\'t be too loose; just right.
Stayed up late: 4 I had to lift my pants several times and adjust it before I started walking around. Print:4. 5The pink tie-
The dye is cute, like a net, but there are a lot of both.
VPL: 5 they didn\'t see it though they had white in their pants --through at all. Overall:28. 5/305. Marshalls$14. 99;
Printed stretch capri pants;
Com sweat-sucking ability in store location: 5 they keep dry and supersoft.
Belt: 5 This is a nice width with a flattering part in the waist.
Ankle/calf width: 5 tight but not comfortable as it feels like a blanket.
I also wear pajamas.
Stay up late: 5 no need to adjust.
Print: 5 fun and light!
VPL: 2 if you are worried about VPL, you should probably join the commandos in these.
On the whole: 27/30 of these are stolen! 6.
American Eagle $1995; high-
Raised printing legs; ae.
ComSweat absorbency: 3 you can\'t see the sweat marks, but I definitely want to take off my sticky pants right after exercise.
Belt: another thick and flattering strap above the hips.
Ankle/calf width: 4 it is nice and loose.
My ankle is very small, so the trouser is a bit prominent at the bottom.
Stay up late: 5 I was pleasantly surprised by their performance in burpees.
In fact, someone in the gym asked me if I was wearing a more expensive pair of pants because the print was so nice.
The VPL: 5 pattern is so busy that you can\'t see any underwear lines.
Overall: $20 for 27/30, a very strong pair of trousers.
They may be better than running for yoga. 7. Nike$44. 99;
Just do the three-race driver-
Quarterly running pants;
Absorption of ComSweat: 5The pants reach DriFit name. Waistband:3.
I am not very enthusiastic about the lanyard hidden in my belt.
The rear pocket, however, is a good feature.
Ankle/calf width: 5 no complaints!
Staying up late: I think I have to thank the strange lanyard for this.
Print: 5 I like the details of the lower leg and hip.
VPL: 3 Royal Purple looks a bit like painting on it so you can see every curve of my body. A bold, all-
Overprinting will help reduce the \"look at my ass\" factor for these pants. Overall: 26.
5/30 if you are happy to show off your loot these pants are great for a tall person
Intensity exercise. 8. Forever 21$22. 99;
Abstract print fitness leggingsforever21.
These leggings are not breathable compared to other leggings.
Belt: 5 I am happy to find beautiful, thick straps on most sportswear.
Ankle/calf width: 5 is perfect for my ankle.
Stay up late: 4 I have to jump once and lift them up so it is necessary to introduce them.
Print: The black stripe on the 5 sides is a lovely weight loss touch.
VPL: 4 they are not seen even though the pants are white --through.
Overall: 26/30 is a very trendy design, but you don\'t want to keep these designs long after sweating. 9. Vimmia$94;
Blue Crush on Capri Islandvimmia.
5. my pants are 100% dry.
Belt: 5 This is a nice band that won\'t cut off your hips.
Ankle/calf width: 3. At the lower leg, cap Reese has extra elasticity and feels a little too comfortable.
Stay up late: 3I had to pull them up several times.
Print: One of my favorite patterns!
You can\'t see my panties, but you can definitely see a line.
Overall: 25/30 these are exercises for sweaty back with sweat flow, but only if you have a calf. 10. T. J. Maxx$19. 99;
Double-sided leggings; tjmaxx.
Store location and ability to sweat: 5 good jobs, pants.
Belt: 2 belt is too high, but it is also very strange to fold.
Ankle/calf width: 3 they broke out due to my calf being too loose.
Stay up late: 3 they may not stay where they are because the crotch department is low.
Hey, they\'re reversible!
You can see a line, but that\'s it.
Overall: 22/30 large watercolor pattern (
Stripes below)
But the top and bottom of the pants don\'t fit as well as they should.
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