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make a red hood jacket (arkham knight)

by:Breitex      2020-06-18
Around mid-
On September of each year, our family began the annual tradition of creative brainstorming for Halloween costumes.
When we weigh the cool factors, difficulty, and relevance of each potential costume, this is an evolving process.
My son\'s idea of clothing this year is due to his immersion in the new Batman Arkham Knight video game.
He is considering many of the key characters in the game, starting with the Scarecrow, the Scarecrow becomes Batman and ends up with a red hood.
My wife and I have never even heard of Red Hood, but thanks to Google they will soon be able to get a clear picture of what this will involve.
He assured us that he could handle the rest of the costume (
Shirts, masks and guns)
But the jacket will be more complicated.
Crazy sewing skills are needed.
It\'s time to call my wife.
The red and black jackets are the key pieces.
We visited several second-hand stores with bad luck.
We even thought about finding a red hat jacket and sewing all the black and white panels on it.
This will be time consuming and will bring some challenging sewing tasks.
Fortunately, we found two polyester jackets at Walmart that met our requirements.
The design of the Red Hood character jacket makes it characterized by a black and white body with a red trim on the waist and zip to match the Red Hood.
Find a black jacket on the red jacket
We are doing business.
Be flexible when looking for these jackets.
We were ready to give up, but later found what we wanted in the women\'s section.
When I find the right size, please pay attention to the pure joy on my son\'s face!
Material: * Red Hat jacket * black jacket (
Best without the hood)
* White fabric paint * red fabric paint * source image (
We used pictures of similar jackets and you can buy them on Amazon for over $200! )
Tools: * Sewing Machine * fabric scissors * pin * ruler * pen head, layering the jacket.
Our son put on a jacket and my wife made sure that the sleeves were not twisted inside each other.
When the jacket is removed and placed on the table, the zipper and belt on the black jacket are removed to reveal the red fabric below.
A bright line on the red jacket is marked from about 1 \"on the two-size zipper.
This is used to locate the edges of the black jacket.
The jacket is then secured along the zipper and waist to prepare for sewing.
Start sewing the jacket together.
Be sure to sew along the waist, zipper and neck.
It is also helpful to hand stitch the sleeves in several places to prevent them from twisting when worn out.
The third main color of the jacket is white.
We originally purchased a piece of shiny white fabric and were going to sew it on the jacket.
My wife quickly realized that it was difficult for her sewing machine to go through three layers of fabric.
She used Plan B to paint white on her jacket with fabric paint.
It takes multiple layers, but it doesn\'t take a long time in the end.
During the painting, my wife found the mannequin very helpful.
This allows her to see the 3D size of the jacket and also allows her to paint each layer of paint on the entire jacket
This saves time.
It wouldn\'t be a red hood jacket without the bat symbol.
We found a picture of a symbol online and printed it out to fill the width of 8.
5 sheets of \"x 11\" paper.
This is our template.
Once tracked, it was painted with red fabric paint.
You will notice that this is not a traditional bat symbol, which my wife and I will not notice.
Be sure to search for the \"Red Hat bat symbol\" to find the right one.
When we started this project, we were not quite sure what was going to happen.
There are a lot of unknowns about how these jackets will be stitched together, or how we will finish the white cover.
Finally, the result of my wife\'s hand-made was very gratifying.
White and red fabric paint looks almost as shiny as leather.
Anyone familiar with the character can immediately recognize the jacket.
My son loves this dress and is proud to wear this jacket on Halloween night.
In these clothing items, we often ask ourselves, \"Is it worth all this time and energy for those who wear only once and only a few hours ? \"?
But when we see the final product and see the joy it brings to our children on Halloween night, our doubts are always eliminated.
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