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meet the russian designer responsible for the coolest jean jackets in hollywood

by:Breitex      2020-06-18
Few people in the world can turn white jerseys into a must for the fashion industry --have.
Russian fashion designer Katya Dobryakova can do this easily.
The artist is known for her social commentary, tact and design, and she brings her brand from Russia to Soho, New York with the joy of celebrity (like Rita Ora)
And style influencers.
From a custom denim jacket to an embroidered sweatshirt, shopping in her shop of the same name will guarantee the onlookers to start thinking about your outfit long after you pass.
How does this graphic designer become a cross-continent fashion sensation? Look at our interview below!
What was your first job after your degree in graphic design, I worked at Sony Music to design album covers for some of Russia\'s most influential music shows.
How did you get into the industry, it all happened by chance!
I bought some T.
H & M\'s shirt and shirt are printed with an ironic image of Putin for my friends. Soon these T-
The shirt became so popular that I received requests from Russian officele and Russia asking me to make a special edition shirt for fashion night.
What is a typical day for you? I will wake up to the office;
I had breakfast downstairs at my favorite cafe where I also organized some business meetings and then I started collecting.
Depending on the situation in the evening, I can also participate in the event.
Tell us about your office.
My office is my second home.
Floor penthouse in Patriarch Ponds, the most beautiful area in Moscow.
It has everything: a big kitchen, washing machine
We usually test after birth.
Washing to check the quality of embroidery-
There are also many windows that make the space very open and warm.
It all makes you feel at home.
To be honest, my computer, what is your favorite thing in your office.
It\'s half my life.
All my files are there.
What\'s the best place for your job? The most valuable moment is to complete the collection and see how people react.
You opened a store in New York and the first one in the United States, which is my greatest effort.
Who is your professional hero/character model Alexander McQueen the best advice you receive is \"the darkest hour is Before Dawn \".
\"What is your most famous design and why do you think you are my strong point in doing so.
I\'m in T-
Master of shirts and embroidery.
Tell us about your star fans.
What items do they like/wear/ask/post information about most celebrities who like our custom denim jacket
I drew it myself.
We partnered with Disney to launch a jacket featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse. have items.
We are currently discussing a new partnership with Disney.
If I don\'t do the job, I will be a chef.
My favorite place to go is South France.
The book I am reading now is . . . . . . Milan KunderaNext investments are the jean jackets listed on our list.
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