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montana yoga pants ban bill was literally laughed out of the room

by:Breitex      2020-06-15
We told you earlier this week that Montana representative David Moore, a Republican with a mission.
Moore sponsored House Bill 365, which made headlines by banning yoga pants. And speedos.
And a tight beige vest.
Well, I\'m happy to report that this bill is dead.
Not only was it dead, but it was also excluded from the Commission.
From the Bill of Billings GazetteMoore, an attempt is made to strengthen the state\'s indecent exposure laws, including showing the outline of the buttocks, nipples, penis-whatever your name is.
Moore not only added more examples of \"indecent exposure\", but he also deleted the part of the current law that indecent exposures intended to abuse, harass, or satisfy themselves.
Apparently Moore thought of the bill after seeing some Wikipedia at a \"bare, you dare\" nude bike event last summer.
\"Yoga pants should be illegal in public,\" Moore said after a recent hearing . \".
According to The Associated Press, \"Moore said he believed in yoga pants and men\'s Speedo --
Swimming in briefs in public should be illegal.
So no anger from your yoga pants.
Not only should this bill be filed, it should be giggled and then filed.
We applaud the committee.
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