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mystery masters jacket bought at toronto thrift shop for $5 sells for $139k us

by:Breitex      2020-06-18
The origin of the famous \"thrift store green jacket\" is now equivalent to a $185,000 mystery.
The same green jacket worn by the Masters champion and the famous Augusta National Golf Club members must be valuable --
When its story began in 1994, it had been hovering among a well-meaning trailblazer in Toronto.
What about its price tag? Five dollars.
The champion\'s jacket?
According to Ryan Carey, a Toronto sports reporter who understands its value handed over a blue bill and insisted on it for years before selling it to colleagues. On Saturday, his auction house sold the jacket for $139,000.
It is unclear how the jacket ended at a thrift store in Toronto, and Carey said it was a mystery that fueled the bid.
In 2003, only one Canadian won the PGA Masters, Mike will, and it is not clear whether anyone else north of the border belongs to this exclusive club.
Carey said the label on the jacket was similar to the one in early 1950.
His Denville. J.
The green jacket auction company has seen that membership jackets of that era cost as much as $20,000.
We know the story behind this story.
I mean, it has its own name, and everyone calls it a department store green jacket
\"I will increase the premium, but we don\'t know how much,\" he said . \".
The jacket may have its own name, but the original owner still does not know.
Carey said that while Augusta National Golf Club confirmed the authenticity of the green jacket in 1994, there was no clue as to who it once belonged.
The jacket\'s name tag was cut off 23 years ago when goodwill was discovered.
\"This is the conspiracy of this jacket,\" Carey said . \".
\"We know it\'s in a thrift store, and we also know we don\'t know how it got there, but why is its name also deleted?
\"Those things don\'t seem to hold hands --in-hand —
Because if someone doesn\'t know what it is or if it is discarded, you don\'t think they will take the time to delete the name.
\"While Carey said that jackets belonging to one member are more advantageous, there are also some Masters champions who missed their jackets.
He said that there are also a few jackets in the life of some people because the size of the professionals has changed.
Now, only now masters can wear green jackets in public.
Augusta National members and previous winners are prohibited from taking off their jackets from the club\'s venue.
The rules evolved over time, and people aged 50 and 60 will take their club uniforms home, Carey said.
That\'s why the jackets of that time were most likely to appear in the auction.
Even these are relatively rare, though: Carey says his auction house has moved about a dozen jackets over the past nine years.
\"In the early days, they were not protected as they are now,\" he said . \".
\"Its entire myth was actually created in the last 30 to 40 years.
\"Tracking a tailor started wearing a jacket for the first time in 1937, and 12 years later, Sam Snyder got the right to the first master jacket. (
The club retroactively provided jackets to previous winners. )
All the jackets of that time were custom made.
Made at the men\'s clothing store in Gusta Kurum, so Carey admits that there may be ledgers somewhere that contain accurate measurements of the department store\'s green jacket through which one can identify its owner.
\"I think it\'s possible,\" said 11-year-old Mark Ham golfer, who traveled to Augusta National golf course . \".
\"I remember hearing about the story in 1990. It was amazing. I don\'t know if it\'s a myth or a real story.
\"It\'s really a mystery to me.
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