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never ski cold again: new technology means comfort on the slopes

by:Breitex      2020-06-20
With the end of the summer, those of us who love skiing and snowboarding are starting to make winter travel plans and turn our ideas into skiersand colder -time of year.
Over the 15 years I have written about skiing, the first complaint I have heard over and over again is the cold.
This is understandable, especially when Mercury drops below zero and the cold reaches double digits.
Skiing or horseback riding is uncomfortable at best when you feel too cold, and worse, dangerous.
Luckily, you don\'t have to ski anymore.
Science has saved us.
Warm, light and functional
Tech clothing has been around for decades, so I won\'t say that: it\'s easy to keep dry these days and keep most of your body warm and comfortable.
As a rebirth of sports fabrics, waterproof, breathable housing, and extremely efficient thermal insulation, any good ski shop or outdoor shop can keep your arms, legs, core warmth from the shelves.
This is the easy part.
The challenges and dangers of cold weather for athletes have always been limbs, fingers, toes and heads, especially ears and faces.
Although you can pile up a layer of baked insulation around your chest, the amount of things that can be surrounded around your fingers is limited, combined with relatively poor blood circulation in the limbs, for a long time, it\'s hard for people to accept, especially the cold weather.
Keep their fingers warm enough.
The blood supply on the toes is also poor, and ski boots often affect the blood supply, which exacerbated the situation (
Many people ski in too tight boots. .
Face is a simple way to fix it, there are all kinds of cheap neoprene masks and other materials to choose from on cold days, luckily, ears since the widespread use of helmets on slopes, this is no longer a problem, which makes skiing warmer, covering the head and ear wind with a wealth of insulation-proofing (
If you don\'t wear a helmet, you should wear it).
If you are so sensitive to the cold that just the helmet can\'t keep your head and ears warm enough, buy a ski jacket with a hood that fits the helmet --
There are plenty to choose from.
This brings us back to our fingers and toes, the last obstacle to the discomfort of cold weather.
If these bother you, the solution is simple --electricity.
The ski boot heater has been around for years, but has been greatly improved in all aspects of size, durability and functionality.
My wife has been struggling on a cold toe, so a few years ago she bought the first boot heater, which was intermittent and clunky and battery didn\'t take long.
She bought Hotronic E4 a few years ago with four different calorie levels and enough juice to run all day.
She is now comfortable under all conditions.
Hotronic is the most widely used brand and the largest brand.
All boot heaters have a similar design: inside or below the foot bed insert, underneath the foot ball and toe, there is a heating element, wiring between the boot pad and the housing is connected to the connector at the back of the top of the boot device (
Unlike a disposable heat pack, you will not feel or notice the heater or wire).
The battery pack here is clipped behind the lower leg, usually on the strap and inserted. Some people (
Including my wife)
Complaining that ski pants are often not suitable for larger Hotronic devices and that they bump into the cable car.
As a result, she had to replace the clip that kept the battery pack.
Thermic is also widely used, and it uses lithium-ion batteries to produce a smaller, barely noticeable unit on boots.
Thermic even made a remote control so you can adjust the temperature without pulling down the ski pants.
When I bought new boots two years ago, I crashed and this was the first time I had added a heater since I started skiing in my early 80 s.
By the way, like those boots with custom foam padding, the proper fit boots will not affect circulation, which is also a good reason for customization (
Read my post why do you need custom ski bootsNow).
I \'ve never really struggled with cold feet, but I ski in some very extreme conditions and it\'s easier to install them when buying boots than to install them myself later.
I bought the heater from Sidas and it also used a very low profile battery with a long life span, about the size of the classic iPod and I \'ve been having fun.
I may open them one day every three days of skiing, but when I want them I\'m glad I have them and they have a couple of heat.
One of the great advantages of starting the heaters is that once installed, they are not difficult to take home with only small battery packs.
The price of the starter heater kit ranges from $180 to $440 for top products with remote control, but most of the prices are around $250, if you buy with new boots, most stores will be installed free of charge.
In fact, if you buy them in a good physical store, they should be willing to install them on your current boots for free. (
Note: sid seems to have been recently acquired by Sidas, but the Thermic unit is still widely available and may even be closed as the brand is merged).
The real comfort revolution on the slopes is the electronic glove, which is much newer than the boot heater.
Last year, Seirus, the leader in the field, launched its thermal range-Rolls-Royce for heating gloves and gloves, and sent me a pair of tests.
This is a \"I didn\'t know I needed them until I used them and now I like them.
\"This is because Seirus has been making high quality ski gloves for years, and he first designed a serious ski glove and then added heat, so most of the time I never opened it because they were warm in the first place.
But when the weather is really cold, it\'s good to know that there are three kinds of heat to press the button on the back --
You don\'t have to take them off.
Sometimes I just open them for a ride.
This small battery is the size of a mobile phone and is placed in a small zip pocket near the sleeve --
Otherwise you will never notice them.
They are just functional ski gloves that look nice and happen to be the warmest.
I have to say that from bluebird day to helicopter they have been used throughout the season --
These gloves are great for skiing in Alaska.
If you used to feel pain on a skiing day that was supposed to be fun because of the cold on your fingers, buy a pair (
They also make gloves. .
I bought my wife for the holidays (shhh! ).
The heater runs for up to six hours, and the flexible heating plate provides warmth to the back and fingers of the entire glove, not just in a place like the boot heater, providing comfort on the most painful days.
There are five Touch models, high.
Finally, the one I tested, the hell, the whole one.
Leather gloves of various sizes for men and women.
This glow is specially prepared for women wearing gloves and gloves, they also offer a low profile soft shell hot touch Xtreme around the clock service, which I have not seen in person but described as follows: \"seirus exclusive spike-skin-
Feel FormFit technology, the lightest weight in the world, 100% waterproof, exterior
Rechargeable heated gloves.
Warm gloves are not cheap, from $200
The MSRP costs $375 but is well made and warm. Really warm.
Regarding the heated boots and gloves, there is one more important thing to note that when you don\'t need them, they don\'t add anything extra to your package.
Skiing has always been to bring a lot of equipment in changing conditions, and I bring at least two pairs of gloves and padding every time I travel.
But now, you can pack your bags for good, cold weather with the same gear, which is very convenient.
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