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new cheetah robot from mit can do unprecedented back flips and yoga moves-Breitex-img

new cheetah robot from mit can do unprecedented back flips and yoga moves

by:Breitex      2020-06-15
The robot has become very, very good.
We have seen running the \"Cheetah\" robot for several years, but the latest iteration at MIT is the first four
The leg robot does a back flip.
It also has incredible flexibility for metal machines.
While it may be named after a fast mammal, the cheetah also moves like a shellfish because it is able to walk on the right sideup or upside-Crab walk-style.
Benjamin Katz, chief developer of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explained: \"It can change the power on the ground very quickly . \".
\"It can do very dynamic things, like jumping in the air every step of the way, or running 2 feet on the ground at a time.
Most robots cannot do this.
While it weighs only 20 pounds, the cheetah has heavyweight skills such as walking on rugged terrain, standing up after falling down or kicking fast, and of course, it has the ability to complete 360.
Flip back from standing position.
\"We think this will be a good test of the performance of the robot because it requires a lot of power, torque, and a huge impact at the end of the flip,\" Katz said . \".
\"We tried it for the first time and it worked miraculously.
\"Unlike other similar robots and their expensive, larger, and heavier predecessors, the creator of this cheetah claims it\'s actually indestructible, but it\'s easy if it breaks the modular design
\"A big part of the reason we make this robot is that it makes experiments and crazy attempts so easy because this robot is very robust and not easy to break, katz said: \"If it does break down, it\'s easy to fix and not expensive. \".
\"Everything is super integrated in Cheetah 3, so if you want to change something, you have to do a lot of redesign. . .
And for the mini cheetah, if you want to add another arm, you can add three or four more of these modular motors.
\"Its design is based on commercial motors that can be found in drones.
While its flip may be the first time, anyone who has an appreciation for the human body may be impressed by the ability of the new cheetah to stretch and twist in a range of yoga --like positions.
Next, the team is trying to give it more catslike abilities.
\"We\'re working on a landing controller right now, and my idea is that I want to be able to pick up the robot and throw it and let it land,\" Katz said.
\"Suppose you want to throw the robot into the window of the building and let it explore inside the building.
You can do that.
\"It would be best if in this case it would play a beautiful kitten instead of being like a cat thief.
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