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Nike sportswear brand story

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
【 Nike brand story 】 Nike is undoubtedly the world's largest sports brand, produced numerous classic sports clothes and sports shoes, main young sports consumer goods, and took a the star endorsement, let the Nike brand awareness to get rapid ascension, original design and excellent quality, Nike seems to be the way to success. What is Nike sportswear brand story? NIKE sportswear brand is a symbol of the Greek goddess of victory wings feathers, represent the speed, it also represents a dynamic and gentle, modelling concise and strong, like lightning. The company with its outstanding performance to confirm its founder bill & middot; Bormann had said a word: as long as you have a body, you are an athlete. And as long as a player in the world, Nike will continue to grow stronger. Now the NIKE sports brand is ace products, superior quality guarantee for NIKE, reside the world first-class sports brand position didn't shake. In 1957, a man named phil & middot; Knight's young people at the university of Oregon met the famous sports coach bill & middot; Bormann. Before this, phil & middot; Knight is a technical mediocrity track and field athlete. And bill & middot; Bormann is constantly breaking the world record for the long-distance running champion. ( Sport suit) At first, phil & middot; Knight is to hope that through bill & middot; Bormann's teaching to enhance their grades at drug-tested. In training, they found a pair of sports shoes is good or bad directly determine the professional athletes in the game to play. By two people familiar with gradually, they see each other on the other side of the & ndash; — The rigorous attitude and special business acumen. During the Stanford university study for a master of business administration, phil & middot; Knight from a market survey report summed up the Japanese production of low price, high technology sneakers is bound to Germany at the end of the future sports shoes brand in the United States the situation of unify the whole country. In 1960, phil & middot; Knight in the Stanford university master of business administration immediately after to Japan, with love the world, the company is very famous in Japan at that time in talks. In the process of negotiation with good business sense, phil & middot; Knight said he came from the United States and other Blue ribbon sports company & throughout; And lobbying senior Japanese manufacturers, so that they believe the United States has a huge market, at the same time put forward by him as & other; Tiger & throughout; Brand sports shoes in the United States agent distributors. As one of the world's most influential sports brand today, in the process of more than 30 years of development, the company on its own emerge in endlessly technology not only changed people's knowledge of traditional sports products, changed the classification pattern of sports products around the world. At the same time, Nike will also be a kind of brand spirit to convey to all the people love sports life. Story about Nike sportswear brand will share here, today small make up to share more movement after the story behind the brand, let us with the sports apparel industry of the one step closer, also let us know more stories about sports apparel brand. We buy one or two pieces of clothes suit, basic to the stores in the street or on taobao to buy, because there are so many styles for us to choose! But if we want to buy large quantities of clothes or a group of words, suggest you to let us have a look, there are many suitable to play games and team wearing sports clothes, excellent quality, preferential price, is your best choice for the group-buying clothes factory. Founded in 97, has been for countless team group sportswear, won the consistent high praise! Also to produce healthy quality team sports uniforms as own duty, after years of dedicated constantly improve production technology, absorbing advanced production experience, expand the design concept, provide consumers with more and more high quality community sports clothes! Relevant recommendations: set female autumn style
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