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outwarmer is the heated jacket to get you through this long winter-Breitex-img

outwarmer is the heated jacket to get you through this long winter

by:Breitex      2020-06-18
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Heating clothing operating is expanding.
For example, last year\'s Heacket was a warm jacket that raised more than $288,000 on Indiegogo.
Now, the company behind this successful outfit is back again, and this time it gives people a more stylish choice.
The new Outwarmer parka, released on Indiegogo a few weeks ago, has received over $22,000 in crowdfunding support.
Unlike its predecessor, this jacket does not look like a technical shell designed for remote areas, more like you will not only wear on the trails, but also roam the town.
The outer warmer shell is made of DuPont cotton and provides rain and snow protection.
The inside of the jacket is lined with shiny silver dots-
Matrix material designed to reflect body heat to the wearer.
Durable waterproof zipper helps to tie the coat around the body while built-in-
The glove also provides a certain degree of warmth and protection for the hand.
On those extra cold days, Outwarmer owners can also activate their integrated heating elements that are strategically placed on the chest and back.
Powered by a USB battery pack, these elements can be set to \"hot\" or \"hot\" depending on the wearer\'s needs and current temperature \". This next-
Compared with last year\'s model, the power generation heating jacket provides a more efficient heating system that can be made up of any five-volt, two-
Rechargeable power supply group.
Other features include multiple pockets, including a pocket designed to carry your phone safely and two secret pockets that carry important items safely.
This jacket can also be machine washed, which is not always the case in other warm clothing we have seen in the past.
Strangely, Outwarmer also includes a zipper
Imitating the masks found in Peking opera adds an interesting cultural flavor, but it doesn\'t seem appropriate for some potential customers.
The Outwarmer jacket has reached a modest crowdfunding target at Indiegogo and will be put into production in February and will start shipping to customers.
When it officially goes public, the heated parka is expected to be sold for $699, although early bird supporters can order for $279 if they commit to the project now
Learn more about Outwarmer on the official Indiegogo page of the jacket.
Be sure to read the potential pitfalls of crowdfunding projects in our guide.
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