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Performance Outdoor Wear

Performance Outdoor Wear


Performance Outdoor Wear

Breitex specializes in producing technical sportswear made of woven, such as ski wear, down jackets, softshell jacket, etc.

We believe the best outdoor apparel must achieve the perfect balance between function, look and feel!All our products are with different function to protect you from the most extreme weather outside. All our outdoor jacket are with WR or DWR function on out-shell fabric. Some are with WP function as well as breathable. This surface can keep you protected in all weather conditions.

WP refers to waterproof and moisture-permeable. Generally, it means to make adhesive substrates on the bottom of fabric, which could be divided into coating and lamination, that is compound a layer of waterproof material. The vast majority of waterproof fabrics are laminated (film) materials, there are also capsule fiber, compact fabric, silicification and other forms of treatment, and usually located in the inner layer of the fabric, that is, people often say "waterproof film".

WR(water repellent) refers to the hydrophobic compound deposit on the surface of fiber. Since fabric surface with pore, air and water vapor can also be through, generally on the fabric surface to form water droplets (like lotus leaf). It is not really waterproof, but reduce the adsorption of water by the fabric, so that the water could be "pushed away" on the fabric surface, while the water retention time is long, it will seep into the fabric.

DWR(durable water repellent) has a great effect on improving air permeability. It removes the sweat moisture in your coat and keeps the water/rain out. Many of our technical sportswear are made of DWR fabric, such as outdoor jacket, down jacket, ski wear, skating wear & softshell jacket.

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