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Personal Style 101: How to Make This Season\'s Denim Trends Your Own

by:Breitex      2020-06-19
Cowboy, not with your go-High-
Waist pants, bold with head-to-toe denim. An off-
The amount of skin displayed on the shoulder top in the same wash is just right, while the lighter-
Color jackets add contrast.
For personal purposes, just tie a fashionable handkerchief around your neck.
Buy: women\'s long sleeve shoulder denim shirt-
Universal Thread™$24. 99; Women\'s High-
Skinny jeans
Universal Thread™$24. 99;
Women\'s embroidered denim truck driver jacket-
Universal Thread™$34. 99;
Women removed from shoulder denim shirt plus size long sleeve-
Universal Thread™$27. 99;
Embroidered denim truck driver jacket-women\'s wear plus size
Universal Thread™; $37. 99;
Skinny jeans-women\'s size
Universal Thread™; $27. 99;
Striped headscarf for women
Universal Thread™; $5.
If you usually only wear jeans, try a new cowboy staple this season: Buttons --front dress.
During the day, lay a white T-shirt underneath and pick up your favorite backpack and you can set off.
If you want to get into the night, skip the T-shirt with fine jewelry and a pair of high heels.
Buy: Women\'s button front apron denim dress-
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Women\'s Merryweather crew neck T-shirt -
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Women\'s size button front apron denim dress-
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Women\'s wear and size Merryweather round neck T-shirt -
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Lady Ava Shield Espadrille flat sandals-
Universal Thread™$32.
99 statement denim skirt is a stylish classic denim skirt that is very easy to wear. Since the wide-
Leg Pants so declare-
You can make a shirt and a jacket by yourself and it will be fine in a day.
Or, if you feel bold, throw away the T-shirt and buckle the jacket button up as a top.
To give it a bit of an edge, plug it in, open the collar and roll up the sleeves.
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Wide leg jeans in front of the tie
Universal Thread™; $27.
99, Loafer slippers for women\'s whispers-
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Women\'s embroidered vest-
Universal Thread™$19. 99;
Embroidered Vest-women\'s wear plus size
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Military jacket-women\'s size
Universal Thread™$29. 99;
Women\'s wide leg jeans with a tie-
Universal Thread™$29.
To see these looks in Zanna style, watch the video at the top!
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