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playful nina dobrev looks sensational in a skimpy pink bikini as she frolics on a water slide with b

playful nina dobrev looks sensational in a skimpy pink bikini as she frolics on a water slide with beau austin stowell

by:Breitex      2020-06-13
She was the last woman to stand at the ball.
Speak at Leonardo DiCaprio\'s charity party.
But Nina dobleff looks as if Friday\'s big night didn\'t affect her in any way, as she jumps on the yacht of St. Bay
Tropez is with her boyfriend Austin storville. The 26-year-
The old actress, wearing a bright pink bikini, showed off her toned figure and curves as she took advantage of the inflatable water slide on her boat --
When she fell into the sea with her boyfriend, she screamed and laughed.
Scroll down to watch the beauty of the video \"Vampire Diaries\" immerse herself in some interesting circus where she is at 30-year-
Old boyfriend with a beard
Head into the sparkling waters of the French Riviera, the dark-skinned beauty looks fresh and awake, and presents an amazing display in two pink dresses --
Even though it was a couple of hours at Leo\'s party on Wednesday.
Flashing the sign of peace across the slide, the actress cut a stylish figure on her strap --
She showed off her bikini when she was ready to take the adventure.
The actress flaunt her toned belly, Liso\'s legs, and Pott\'s ass, and after immersing herself in the waves of the climax, she climbs onto the yacht and manages to stay stylishspeed.
As she stood at the tail of the ship, the star showed her sunburned body, and as she waited for her boyfriend to climb up, she quickly cleared the mane hair she had already soaked.
When the couple
People dating from June
Could be a couple of new people on the red carpet, but they show that their relationship is getting more and more tenseto-
They laughed and joked, power.
Obviously, making the most of their time away from the show, the couple couldn\'t help but take another risk when they jumped off the slide together again.
Although from Nina\'s shocked expression, she may have regretted the decision to do so. The loved-
A young couple is considered engaged in a large number of PDA while on a luxurious Sea vacationside town.
According to the characters, when Nina and whip whi actors were seen at the Holmark shoe box restart ceremony in Hollywood in June 10, they first sparked romantic rumors.
At the impromptu event, the couple apparently couldn\'t get enough company from each other and were seen laughing together all night.
A week ago, Nina and Austin attended a cordial campaign fundraiser at the same company and had a close dinner with fans.
They also attended Indy 500. The Bulgaria-
The born actress has danced with star Derek Hove and her former screen actor, Ian Somerset.
Nina\'s character, Elena Gilbert, was written off the CW soap opera vampire diaries after six years in the role.
She told The Hollywood Reporter: \"The fairy tale is coming to an end and the next chapter is about to begin.
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