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pole dancer shows off her colostomy bag with \pride\ to defy a nurse who told her \she\d never be ab

pole dancer shows off her colostomy bag with \'pride\' to defy a nurse who told her \'she\'d never be able to wear bikinis again\' after having surgery

by:Breitex      2020-06-14
A pole dancer revealed why she is proud to show off her colon pocket now --
She refused to say to a nurse that she could no longer wear a bikini.
Chloe Wilson, 22, from fromacro, Lincoln County, was diagnosed with long-term UC
Term for inflammation of the colon and rectum, last March, after years of struggle with severe stomach cramps.
She chose to remove the whole colon, explaining that none of the drugs the doctor gave her helped to relieve her pain.
She said, however, that a nurse told her that she should reconsider her decision, because making a colon pocket means she can no longer wear a bikini.
Despite the nurse\'s comments, Chloe decided to go ahead with the surgery --
Later the doctor told her that she might die if she did not have surgery.
Chloe, a barber, described her suffering from severe stomachache since she was a teenager.
\"I \'ve been in pain since I was 13, but the doctor thinks I\'m lactose intolerant,\" she said . \".
Until last March, when I collapsed from pain, I finally got the answer I desperately needed.
At this point, she decided to undergo surgery to remove the colon, but claimed that a nurse was trying to get her to reconsider.
Chloe said: \"When the nurse came over and asked if I was sure of my decision, I was in hospital for five weeks because I could never wear a bikini like my friend.
\"I was already frustrated because I was in a lot of pain, but her comments made things worse.
Fortunately, I didn\'t listen to her because the surgeon warned that it could be fatal if I kept things longer.
Despite the nurse\'s comments, the Barber explained why she now wears her bikini and sports gear a lot.
Chloe said I was nervous when I first put on my bikini and decided to show the world my colon pocket.
But I quickly realized that people really don\'t care, especially when it comes to pole vault fitness, because everyone is supportive.
\"I am proud to wear a beautiful bikini, there is no reason not to wear it, it is very good to be different.
\"I\'m glad I didn\'t listen to the nurse who tried to disappoint me.
Chloe said she will start the extreme fitness competition and would like to encourage others to proudly show off their colon pockets.
\"I\'m lucky to survive and I can finally pursue my passion for pole fitness,\" she said . \".
\"I was too sick to stand a high level of exercise before surgery and if I didn\'t have surgery at the time, the doctor said I wouldn\'t be here today,\" she said . \".
Chloe said that the removal of the colon finally gave her a full life.
\"The pain is constant and I bleed every day before my surgery,\" she explained . \".
\"This is unbearable, but I feel healthier as soon as I have an operation.
Since then, I have set up an Instagram page to show off my pole fitness and colon pocket-making tour to help others who may have gone through something like this.
Chloe\'s skensthorpe General Hospital has been contacted for comment.
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