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Popular sport suit collar

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
Although we often mention the collar, but it doesn't seem to be very understanding. In fact, the professional title of the collar is divided into two categories: collar and neckline. Collar is refers to the stitching on the collar part, have certain independence. The neckline is refers to the connection of the back of the chest and shoulders collar line, along the neck cut suture after forming. Once popular boat neckline this summer. The collar shape flat and wide, is a kind of the clavicle form the system of wide flat collar. Before and after the characteristics of the collar is the same height, shoulder on both ends, formed in the middle of the curve of the mild, looks like a capital & other; Throughout the &; 。 Boat neckline is the darling of the ladies and children, to be the focal point of the popular this year. Fashionable modern Rome brought something like half a high collar, front looks as if is in wide cloth wrapped around the neck. Roman collar can be used in the wind, warm, so much for autumn winter season. But, at present a lot of summer also chose the Roman, just put the collar do loose some. The collar is very suitable for women who face or round face, can foil a further detailed their tenderness. Romantic & other; Gypsy neckline & throughout; Can not help but reminiscent of the beautiful and mysterious, and with some wild gypsy girl with strong style restoring ancient ways. The characteristic of the collar is cut loose, seam within a thin rope, in a sleeveless top knot tightened up, after produce finely small plait. In Europe and the United States and other countries, most of the neckline on female shirts, pajamas, dress, feel gentle and lovely. As the name implies, looks just like in English letters V neckline & other; V“ 。 This collar is usually need to match with earrings and necklace, all show the emotional appeal of women. Some V neckline very big, very low, and very loose, low even low to breast, showing infinite temptation. ( Guangzhou sports apparel manufacturers) Chest to bring the most suitable for women to attend the party. Usually need to wear no strap dress party. Chest collar collar along the common whale bone or wire support as lining, style is elegant and luxuriant, sexy, can highlight women properly fruity sweet shoulder, back, and crisp, brandish asperses sexy feminine women. In addition, the chest collar provide women with adequate space to display their jewelry, therefore has been widely used. Jewel neckline is one of the most common collar, is really a round neckline, everyone has a few pieces of clothes, such as some wear t-shirts or vest. In the past, jewel neckline is mostly used in the European court clothes, is now found in dress and evening gown. This collar style is simple, is used in everyday clothes. When match with jewelry, circular jewel neckline is suitable for wearing a variety of shapes and specifications of the necklace. Single sloping shoulder neck collar contour extend from the shoulder on one side of the diagonal to the other shoulder underarms, create an asymmetrical beauty. In the 70 s and 80 s, senior fashion in fashion, sloping shoulder neckline is popular. This collar belongs to the typical, often used for women's evening dress or dress, make women neck, shoulder and part of chest skin showing, fetching daydream, has strong attraction. Now you don't have to worry about no chance to wear a single sloping shoulder neckline sportswear, designers have the collar with the dress and jacket in summer, is a kind of beauty on the vision. In single sloping shoulder neckline sportswear for neck, shoulder the place such as the skin of the demand is higher, if you have this condition, can try. Walk in easily in summer dusk, your charm will be appreciated by all. This year's clothes are also popular hooded style. Hood led is a kind of both can be used as a scarf, and can be used as a hood pleat collar. The collar was very angry, lively and full of healthy atmosphere, suitable for women who like sports very much. Hood brought not only behave affectedly edge of the collar, and also has a removable collar, removable collar use the way links such as zippers, snap button and jacket. Jawaharlal Nehru, India's former prime minister, was fond of wearing a stand-up collar clothes, so this kind of collar called Nehru. Nehru took appearance with Chinese style is very similar to the shape of the collar, and the difference is that the collar opening round the corner. This kind of collar can warm wind, is about 3 - collar band 4 cm high. Vertical pleat collar style more loosely unruly, actually is more than a word brought the neckline of cloth around left part, produces an irregular fold after stitching. Compared with the one word led and round collar, the collar is more casual, no longer rigid, known as the summer is a popular scenery. - From Lu Le the clothes wear and tie-in skill professional leisure sports clothes, senior industry experience, make the perfect quality. Need to set, is looking for. Sports clothes are never outdated clothes, in sports clothes popular history, there have been many popular sports clothes, trousers with the awl, flares, big feet pants, jeans, suits, etc. , but up to now, still occupied the tide important position of the first sports clothes. Hundred years, sports clothes constantly updated design, constantly looking for more high and new environmental protection material, to produce a batch of another batch of higher quality more excellent sports clothes. How relevant recommendations: fat people look better in batwing coat
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