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Garment Production Workflow

The basic process of garment production includes fabric checking(fabric relax),fabric cutting,sewing,inspection,final packing,out of ware house.

●  Production Preparation

Inspection and testing of fabrics upon arrival in house: Will check every roll of fabric by checking machine, using 4 points checking method, to make sure fabric received are without defects .

●  Hand Cutting and Auto Cutting With Vacuum

Cutting: Based on different request, we will cut fabric by hand or by machine. For knitted wear which need precise on sizing, we will use auto cutting machine to cut. Using auto puller to pull and lay fabric on cutting bed, vacuum under the table will suck the fabric up which fix layers of fabric on the tabel, allowing auto cutting machine to cut precisely. 

●  Sewing Workshop

Sewing: Sewing is the basic elements of the garment production. Our factory is using manual operation of sewing machine and computerized hanging system for the sewing step, which will improve efficiency for the production. We have all kinds different machine to make a perfect garment.

●  Finish & Packaging

Finished product packaging: Garments will be labelling as requested. Final trims and finishing will be made in Finish department. Finished garments will be prepacked into carton based on client’s required.

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