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Recommend a few set match

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
Old soft white veil is a symbol of purity, almost instead of it, this summer is & other; The tulip & throughout; Light color sleeveless even long veil. Concise neckline, moderate girth, T skirt length and ankle, and light green, light blue, soft powder and so on natural color, give a person with hazy feeling, reminiscent of the garden fresh aroma and filar silk cool summer morning. If you have a symmetric black exquisite and smooth neck by the arm, so might as well wear a loose skirt and a sleeveless vest & ndash; Don't pay attention to the neck any jewelry, let the youth brilliance not have without block. In addition, the delicate and elegant design and color design of knitted garments with a lovely and fashionable dress, or a flowing, and good quality of the dress, will make you into a gentle gentle, everybody love the pretty girl. ( Sportswear manufacturer) Some girls like black and white dress, its fabric change, chemical fiber, and sand wash silk. Streets in most or sleeveless shirt dress, a row of buttons, hooks to end in front of the waist after holding a bow, walking, between skirt fluttering, leave a wisp of amorous feelings, both in middle-aged women and youth young can wear out their own taste, thus also evolved out of the front buckle to one side, near the belt in the waist design, such as collar has wing collar, v-neck and so on. - From Lu Le the clothes wear and tie-in skill set needed for a team must have the following two factors, first is scarcity, is set to ensure the uniqueness and originality, not on the market set the same, the same clothes they are destined to lose the characteristic. Second is must have team attributes, because the team wearing a suit of clothes, so in style and colors must comply with the team's temperament and image, to ensure that the team can attribute on this set. These two factors is also a test of sports apparel manufacturers, test manufacturer's original ability, test manufacturer's production level. Need to customize the set, please contact: - 020 38024509 relevant recommendations: suit and other formal clothes to wash
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