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retailers look to stretch out profits from yoga pants

by:Breitex      2020-06-15
In the Chelsea club locker room, Dick\'s Sporting Goods Company\'s new sportswear chain, you can walk to the \"Girlfriend\'s Lounge\" and test the feel of your new gear while using ballet ballé or treadmills.
If you are not satisfied with the fit of your printed leggings or wispy fitness tank, the retailer will offer a free remodel.
On Tuesday night, the Chelsea Group opened its first store at the Tysons point center, becoming the latest retailer to serve the booming \"sportswear\" market, powerful enough for exercise, but stylish enough items for errands.
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Put on your clothes and work harder, it\'s hard to imagine that this trend will be bigger than it is now. S.
Sales of women\'s sportswear soared 21% to $18.
According to the NPD Group, this figure was 5 billion for the year ended June 2015.
Lulullemon, a popular store, has grown its number of stores by 76% over the past three years, while Athleta has doubled in two years.
Everyone from value
The conscious Old Navy of high-end designers such as Rebecca Minkov and Conservative Party Birch wants to get involved in the action by launching a sportswear series. Even Ann -
The company behind Ann Taylor, the smart office dress fortress --
A sports chain is being spun off, Lou & Grey.
Now that Chelsea are coming together, by bringing a quick --
Fashion metabolism and boutique-Like a big mix
Brand name and base.
Its challenge will be to find customers in an already crowded market that has entered a bit late.
Experts say there is no sign of a slowdown in the movement trend for now.
Retail analytics firm Editd reports that the number of yoga pants available for purchase in the US has increased by 14 percentage pointsS.
Women\'s wear market in June 2015 compared to June 2014.
Meanwhile, the median price of yoga pants jumped from $74. 21 to $87.
At the same time, Editd data shows that consumers\' enthusiasm for this trend is enough to pay a higher price for it.
However, the trend of clothing is reliable and cyclical, and the creators of fashion are notoriously fickle.
It\'s hard not to see the prevalence of the sports boom, and it\'s hard not to think of other series of projects that have shown such a boom in recent years
Ugg snow boots, expensive cowboy, Coach handbag Spanx-
Finally calm down.
But Chelsea\'s collective and industry experts say the sport is different: they think it is not only a short fashion trend, but a complement to a shift in culture to a healthier lifestyle.
The staff in the lattice room are turning to the standing desk to attend a walking meeting.
The push for a positive lifestyle has powered big companies like FitBit, whose shares soared after they went public in June, and SoulCycle, which is preparing for an IPO aimed at raising $100 million.
The theory is that the call for a healthy lifestyle is getting higher and higher, and sportswear is designed to help us look good when doing so.
The goal of Chelsea club is to stand out in this crowded category, not only focusing on services such as \"girlfriend Lounge\", \"but by updating items every two weeks, to ensure that customers constantly see fresh goods that reflect the following conditionsthe-moment trends.
\"The demographic we think of is someone who is really at the forefront of fitness trends and fashion trends.
So, someone who really likes to try, \"said Lauren Hobart, general manager of Chelsea club.
In other words, they are looking for shoppers like dietitian and food blogger Anne Mooney, who is invited to the store that opens on Tuesday and is fascinated by printed leggings and transparent tanks.
\"I\'m a huge fan of fitness --
Mauney said the \"Brunch package\" and added that the clothes could easily make her spend such a day.
Liz Dunn, chief executive of retail consultancy Talmage Advisors, said Dick\'s Sporting Goods could be achieved by stripping a separate chain.
\"One of the things that comes out of the whole female fitness trend is that women are not very happy with the traditional large fitness exercise --
Box shopping mode for sports clothing, \"Dunn said.
However, when Chelsea collectively try to connect with their clients, they will also face serious obstacles.
The campaign war is late, so it will have to struggle for market share, and it remains to be seen how long shoppers will call for these types of products.
Ellen Sideri, chief executive of trend-forecasting company ESP Trendlab, said the campaign \"could take two or three years\" before it loses some cool elements.
This does not mean that the aesthetic will collapse: Sideri says that many shoppers may think that a work made of a performance fabric is a ho-
The wardrobe is basic, not necessary. There are trends.
Some analysts and experts also expect the Chelsea club to try to distinguish itself from clubs such as luolimon by offering lower prices.
While it does have some of the more affordable pieces, such as Carly andwood\'s $60 leggings for Calia, Chelsea collectively have a lot of pieces, the price is similar to Lumont for example $95 Nike Legend tights, $58 Sports comfort bra and zipper
$98 hoodie.
This may make it harder for the upstart to separate themselves from the more established competitors.
Chelsea\'s second Collective outpost will open in Pittsburgh in about two weeks.
The company says they will keep a close eye on their performance to determine whether and how to further expand the concept.
Meanwhile, Dick\'s executives are also trying to make sure they don\'t miss out on the women\'s movement trends in the flagship fleet.
They took the floor space from the gym bikes and golf equipment at the Dick store to provide more women\'s clothing.
\"Women\'s sportswear has become such an amazing area of growth and we really feel there are a number of different ways to serve this customer,\" Hobart said . \".
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