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running clothes - defining and choosing among the options

by:Breitex      2020-06-19
I love running!
The clothes for running are mine (not so)
This is one of my favorite things to discuss. . . here we go. . .
O running shirt-
Some people want to know what the big deal is with running shirts.
Okay, let me tell you.
Imagine it\'s a hot and sultry summer where you\'re wearing a plain old cotton t-shirt.
When the shirt absorbs moisture from moisture and sweat, it becomes heavier and more wet, causing damage and discomfort to your skin.
Now imagine running in one!
You see.
The running shirt is made of a specially designed fabric that can dissipate moisture from the body to keep you cool and comfortable.
I used to wear cotton t-
The shirt when I go for a run, but once I find the joy of a good wick --
The shirt that runs the road, the difference is incredible.
Now, I wear them every day, all summer, just for comfort, whether I\'m running or not.
There are a lot of shirts in different styles, which are comfortable to choose from and depend on the weather.
Ø vest/tank topso Sleevelesso short Sleeveo long sleeveo running shorts/pants
There are many kinds of running shorts and trousers, and it is difficult to decide only one.
So personally, I choose to have some for each!
In the summer, I want to wear shorts and expose as much skin as possible.
I hate the heat, the shorts that are separated from the sides allow me to run cooler while the shorts don\'t stick to me.
I like to wear longer shorts in the fall and spring to get more warmth.
Running tights or running pants is a good choice in winter, as it is essential to keep the leg muscles warm.
You don\'t want to pull muscles! o Stratus-cut shorts (
Side seam up)
O shorts (
Almost no cracks)
O running workout shorts, like running shirts, are made of moisture
Sweat-arranging fabric makes the whole running experience more enjoyable.
O running jacket/vest-
I love my running jacket!
It is light weight and has many ventilation areas designed to prevent me from overheating.
Choose a bright color with a lot of reflective fabric so that you are more eye-catching with the traffic of the past.
This will increase your safety and visibility as a runner.
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