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running clothes - the 3 c\'s of running clothes

by:Breitex      2020-06-19
I love running and whenever I have an excuse I buy myself something new!
This may not even be a good excuse or a new one. . .
I am not too proud to use old, bad excuses when necessary.
In fact, more than half of my wardrobe is made up of running clothes: running shirts, running shorts, jackets and tights.
Oh my shoes, socks and hats! I have tried (
But not completely successful yet)
Various colors are available in tops and running shorts.
This is an ongoing project, but it\'s interesting. . .
Everyone needs hobbies, right?
When I run in an orange running shirt and orange running shorts, you should see my fashion. . .
In fact, you can\'t help but see me. . . .
I was almost neon at that time.
I do think it\'s important to be comfortable while running, and of course the color --
Also very coordinated.
It not only makes the experience of running more enjoyable;
Suitable running clothing is important for body temperature adjustment: Keep cool in hot months and warm in winter.
Not to mention compensation for changes such as humidity and cold.
When I decided to train for my first marathon, it was the beginning of the new year.
That means I have to start building my mileageup in January.
I definitely need winter running clothes.
Fortunately, it was a mild winter.
Most of the time I can wear a short one
Long-sleeved running shirt with light running jacket and running tights.
I always wear running hats and gloves on cold days.
This hat has two purposes: to keep my eyes out of the glare and keep the heat in the cold weather.
Gloves are usually half peeled off.
By the way I run.
There are several runs when I need to wear a wool hat, but usually only when it\'s windy outside.
I found that at that time of the year a light running jacket was essential for running.
Not only does it keep me warm but it is ventilated so that I don\'t overheat while running.
I heard that running will raise the temperature by 10 degrees.
Before I put on my running jacket when I run in cold weather I wear a long jacket
Long-sleeved running shirt
But it\'s not a good strategy because I feel cold when I start running, and then, once I start heating up, pushing my sleeves up doesn\'t cool me down.
With a ventilated jacket, and now the moisture is flowing out of my skin, I don\'t feel cold while running for a long time.
Because I hate being too hot when running, if I overheat, I can take off my running jacket and put it back on as soon as I start cooling.
We have low humidity in western Montana, so if I run when the sun comes out, it can heat up quickly even in the winter.
Although I will warm up in the sun, it is important for me to note that when I run at a temperature of minus 45 degrees, I need to wear a running tights.
It is important to keep the leg muscles warm.
Although I sometimes get too hot when I wear tights, I find my recovery time is much faster and I don\'t have that much pain the next day.
The main problem with my running tights is that I don\'t have as many colors to choose from as I choose running shorts.
I think it\'s OK because I only have one running jacket.
What\'s the point?
I just learned to be content with running hats in different colors only.
The hardest training time for me is the transition season: winter to spring, spring to summer.
After running all winter in tights and jackets, I was excited to wear running shorts without a jacket and only wear one pair of shorts
Long-sleeved running shirt
I still have to be careful, though, because spring in Montana can bring some unexpected, very bad weather.
I only experienced a spring snowstorm and realized that although the day looked good, I ran for 2 to 2 hours at a time.
Many things will happen in the weather.
It was wise during that time.
As people in Montana say, \"Wait a few minutes if you don\'t like the weather.
\"I \'ve been cycling with my friend Vickie for a long period of training, and it\'s easier to start with more layers of running clothing.
When I warm up I will throw away a running dress and she will tuck it into the saddle bag.
In unpredictable spring weather, I did a lot of long-distance running, so having her join me in my long-distance running training made it easy for me to get ready for anything the weather brought about. Thanks, Vickie!
Of course, my favorite running season is summer: mainly because most of my running clothes match that season.
Like I said before, I hate being too hot when running, so most of my running shorts are those kind of generous runners split shorts that make me run the most comfortable and cool.
But I also have some running shorts that are longer in length and are good for cold mornings or late spring. My singlets (Running shirttank tops)
Very cool lightweight Wickaway material.
I noticed that some of my running shirts didn\'t breathe well either, so when the weather wasn\'t too hot, I used them most of the time to run in the morning. Okay. . . .
So, maybe I have too much research on running clothes, but my point is: when running, I want to be smart about the clothes I wear.
So by having a lot of choices about what to wear, I don\'t have to worry anymore that I don\'t have the right running outfit.
That\'s how I prove it anyway. I check the conditions and dress accordingly.
Why not look at my best when I am there?
Wearing beautiful running clothes makes me feel better about myself.
After all, I work hard for this body!
Therefore, the three C of running clothing is very important: Comfort and colorCoordinated. . . . ; )
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