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Say hello to Glam-leisure

by:Breitex      2020-06-12
Move on the sportswear and it\'s time to mix your gym with street clothes. . .
Who thinks that yoga pants can\'t be worn outside, who can live under the rocks!
From Bella Hadid to Kendall Jenner
Fashion influencers mix their fitness essentials with everyday clothing. Throw a T-
The shirt on the sports bra, with a chic pair of jeggings and high heels to finish your look, you are ready.
Or layer your gym crop top with a souvenir pilot jacket, add a metal pleated skirt and embellished sneakers, and you \'ve nailed the set.
From the airport lounge to the party hotspot, it\'s hard to miss out on the essentials of the gym, which makes their presence unprecedented.
In India, girls teams like Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt and Malaika Arora have effortlessly accepted this style and comfortable mixed marriage.
Anushka was found wearing a pair with T-this week-
When she flew back to the city, she wore a shirt and a backpack at the airport.
In addition, the fact that sportswear has become luxurious without apology has also increased its appeal.
From Stella McCartney\'s jumper jersey to Gucci\'s gold-plated sneakers-
It doesn\'t seem easy to combine AM with PM.
Designer Surily Goel attributes this trend to fashion
Take the jumping sport of the storm celebrity and style landscape.
\"The gym is completely acceptable on the street.
Even in the evening, people can wear Gucci sportswear with a pilot jacket and a jersey . \"
Juicy fashion was once a hit, she recalls.
But now every tag is playing this type of game.
She added, \"the pants have gone up --
The waist and waist can add a junk element to any suit like a torn sportswear.
Pleated dress with Jersey or T-shirtshirt.
It\'s all about mixing and matching.
\"The designer Arpita Mehta believes that metal cues are synonymous with the gym, and the neon breath is a cool accent.
\"Flash on the loose vest. Opt for high-
Waist leggings with reflective paneling and short crop tops with neon lights.
Complete your look with a beautiful pair of Nike Air Max sneakers.
Mehta suggested another cool match.
\"A soft-colored jogger tracksuit with a matching jersey on it could be a refreshing idea.
Wearing a sports bra under the jersey.
You can always break the image of a jogger with high heels.
Always wear a pair of great sunglasses . \"
As gymwear appears in a range of options, such as statements-
Make tribal or animal patterns to make this mix easy.
Designer Nishka Lulla recommends wearing a bomber with a pair of tracks and a T-shirt.
\"The waist top works well and can be matched with printed sportswear.
Match a jacket or a jersey at your waist.
Or, throw a causal jacket on the look of your gym, \"she shared.
In terms of accessories, she suggests matching a pair of delicate high heels and a satchel or tote bag.
\"Cross-straps and solid-color bold statement earrings are an interesting option,\" she added . \".
Designer Pria katuzia Puri recently picked a lot of T-
Shirt with sports bra.
She observed that they were very comfortable in fighting Mumbai\'s sultry climate.
\"If I drive a casual car with my friends, I will choose a sports bra, a sleeveless T-shirt
Shirt with logo, slope wedges, tights and tops.
Nice weather in cotton Leica
Friendly and sweaty. proof.
The gym has become acceptable and stylish thanks to a lot of stars.
In fact, it\'s more practical than fashion, \"she says.
Pria has a large collection of baseball caps.
\"I wear them to the gym and you can stay in it all day.
Designer Maheka Mirpuri observed that white sneakers have become the biggest accessories of the season.
\"I bought white sneakers from brands like Dolce & Gabanna and Prada during the holidays,\" she said . \".
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