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school bans girls from wearing leggings because they are \"distracting\" to other students

by:Breitex      2020-06-13
Women who are reading this: leggings, skinny jeans and yoga pants make up 50% of your wardrobe, at least up to 90% here, that\'s why it\'s hard for us to bear the story of a school banning female students from wearing these things.
This is a proper name because it is basically a pure evil act to stop girls from wearing comfortable clothes, and it is reported that the school is implementing a new dress code, students are not allowed to go to school wearing tight jeans, leggings or yoga pants.
They also ban egg custard, but we support the rule because no one should wear it. No one.
Why is it forbidden, according to the assistant principal, because these clothes are clearly a devil\'s tool, or at least \"distracting\" for boys and teachers.
The assistant principal reportedly asked the female student to look at the beautiful woman --
You know, this movie about prostitutes emphasizes her point of view and even compares the student\'s wardrobe with Julia Roberts\'s character before making up.
So basically, we guess this means that the leggings = is only one step away from prostitution.
We can imagine that the assistant principal did not know much about prostitutes.
We think this is the best)
Because what kind of prostitute is wearing yoga pants to attract customers, but we are off the topic.
Senior Maria Felson said she and other students were \"not too hot\" with the decision because yoga pants, leggings and skinny jeans were \"worn by everyone \".
\"This is all their clothing,\" she told a local Fox Company . \".
\"So what they\'re asking for is basically pants that sweat every day.
\"In theory, sweat pants sound ideal every day, but the reason behind it is obviously crazy.
Why should we teach young women to \"protect\" themselves by wearing heavy clothes? It is reported that the assistant principal claimed that we teach young men how to behave properly in the face of the opposite sex the new policy is not to objectify girls, but, it is to prevent boys from focusing on things other than class work.
Again, why is it the responsibility of ladies to ensure that men do not pay attention to their bodies!
We are all in favor of getting dressed at work and at school, but now we are venturing into very dangerous areas.
You know what we think is distracting is the boys who can\'t put their pants on their ass.
I \'ve heard that the belt is part of the dress code because if we see more male students walking around in shorts and the girls have to wear shame clothes all day and then we lose our s--t.
Devils Lake is not the first school to set a stricter dress code and start punishing or even shaming female students, who will not be the last.
Ashley Crtalic, an alumnus at Skyview High School in Montana, also recently banned yoga pants, who wrote an article for the Billings Gazette (
Such as Salon)
This almost sums up these twisted logic: \"You\'re teaching girls, if their pants are too tight, if they have too much skin above their knees, if their shoulders are bare, they should be punished.
Don\'t tell me it\'s not a punishment.
You tell them to go home and don\'t come back until they look different.
You are setting up a stage for the boys you teach to grow them into men and say \"she asks\" because she is wearing provocative clothes \".
The logic you use fits perfectly with this mindset.
Girls, cover up the truth to protect everyone.
The boys can\'t control themselves, they can hurt themselves or you if you don\'t control them.
Skyview, if you want to help your students, teach them that men and women should be respected, no matter what they look like, or what they wear, or what their hair style is.
We are all human beings.
We are all the same.
Women are sexual beings.
Men are sexual beings.
Teenagers have hormones and they are interested in sex.
I have news for you: no matter what girls wear, boys will think about sex in class.
Even if there are no girls in the room, they will consider sex.
Guess it\'s part of life.
Men and women have sexual thoughts.
You don\'t have the ability to stop them from happening at school and try as much as you can.
I can assure you that your dress code will not prevent these things from happening.
What I can assure you is that you send a loud and clear message to the girls in your school that you are not with them.
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