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Singing in the rain

by:Breitex      2020-06-21
Monsoons is here, and fashion designers have been busy with their exclusive jackets and umbrellas of their latest collection to see you in a stylish light.
Monsoons is here, and fashion designers have been busy with their exclusive jackets and umbrellas of their latest collection to see you in a stylish light.
We visited some of the city\'s trendy boutiques and concluded that umbrellas and rain jackets are definitely an investment worth investing in, especially in cities like ours.
What is provided here: the collection of Nautica includes a series of men\'s and women\'s sailing nodika Nautica competitions for waterproof jackets.
These waterproof jackets are lightweight garments made of polyester and nylon materials, designed for active wear, with a corset with a light mesh lining and a zip compartment for the Hood to re-enter.
They are also equipped with full front zip and side seam zip pockets with adjustable elastic cord. Rs. 3,895-
4,795: There are many kinds of umbrellas in Burberry, and there are various classic plaid patterns to choose from.
It is also proud of its iconic collection of umbrellas, which are available in a variety of colors.
The umbrella is made of a mix of nylon and polyester with a suitcase and is very easy to store.
The walking size umbrella handle is made of teakwood, and the small folding umbrella is equipped with a plastic handle for easy carrying.
Burberry umbrellas are all opened manually with no button to click on.
Umbrella: Rs. 10,000-
15,000 folding umbrella: Rs. 4,000-
Burberry 8,000 has also designed a range of beautiful waterproof jackets for men, in three designs, which Hector, Demster and Dunstan make specifically for outdoor waterproof fabrics.
: This waterproof jacket is part of an ultra light fabric with a quilting lining inside.
It has four pockets and adjustable waist. Rs.
30,905: There are two ways to wear this demurst waterproof jacket.
No, it\'s not a reversible jacket, but it\'s a pair. in-
There is also a sports vest that can be worn inside or separately.
This is a military class with a waist. Rs.
41,415: This stylish single zip waterproof jacket with quilting lining and classic Burberry finish is sure to keep you comfortable and dry during this monsoon season. Rs.
No. 26, No. 2402 women\'s trench coat: Burberry is famous for its trench coat. this trench coat is cut from Huada\'s material and features a double bed full-length trench coat.
Considering that it is made of breathable waterproof fabric, this is undoubtedly the best way for our fashion women to fight the Mumbai monsoon this year. Rs.
73,770: Fendi\'s premium umbrella range offering hand-designed men\'s walking size umbrellas
Hand made with leather sewn handles.
They also print folding umbrellas in their classic brown and tobacco logo-
There is also a black Zucca.
This umbrella features a small cube-shaped polished brass handle that is extremely light in weight and comes with a Fendi embossed nylon suitcase.
Sales scope: Rs.
17,900 Zucca print: 17,050: made of the best quality fabric, this walking-sized chic umbrella comes with a wooden rattan handle and a row of LV letter patterns with beautiful brown borders.
This umbrella also has a high quality brass button that can be clicked to open the umbrella, which is really a great \"must\"have-this-
Monsoon \"accessories. Rs.
18,700: their small designer umbrella is lightweight and easy to fold and carry.
The Ferragamo umbrella is made of high-quality fabric and comes with beautiful wooden handles, which will be popular this season. Rs.
13,000: Ermenigildo Zegna has created history by launching the best luxury sports jacket of the season.
This is not an ordinary jacket.
I got the Ipod.
In addition to being the last word in style, the jacket is loaded with a control pad with volume, track, play and pause control on the left sleeve, this way you can control your iPod, which is securely hidden from your sleeve control in the pocket of your jacket.
This jacket is made of micro nylon technical fabric.
The hood is folded into a collar and is also removable.
The waterproof zipper and underarm vents of this Zegna jacket make it \"effective and discreet \". Rs. 44,800
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