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Sport suit neckline and armhole shape and the modelling of jacket structure

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
Sport suit neckline and armhole shape and the modelling of jacket structure analysis set neckline and armhole shape, usually in the case of without collar sleeveless. Sport suit neckline and armhole is simple in structure, but is more sensitive in the vision of people, from this point set of the neckline and armhole shape is very careful, it can reflect the designer's clever. In fact the unity of the harmony and diversity is to seek a kind of order. So in sport suit neckline and armhole shape with that of the whole structure relations, is to create a & other; Line & throughout; The order. More specifically, lines and curves in the division of general structure, their character is obvious, so, sport suit neckline and armhole overall structure characteristics on mining form should be unified. As for sport suit collar, when sportswear adopts the theme of the whole line, sport suit collar often use rectilinear open collar; Instead, such as the overall structure of the sportswear for curve structure, sport suit neckline line should appear downy; When the straight line, curve and should be based on the principle of diversity in unity, deal with the modelling of the primary and secondary relations, make whole design with distinctive modelling characteristics ( Figure 9 19, figure 18, figure 9 9 a 20) 。 Change the design of the circular sleeve is not common, but if use properly, will make the clothes appears more rich individual character and interest. ( Guangzhou sports apparel manufacturers) In the combination of fold and sport suit collar, sleeve, seem to be very casual, because fold with three-dimensional and dynamic characteristics, it shows a straight line and curve is often uncertain external characteristics, therefore, sport suit pleated neckline and armhole shape and do not directly, in the form of restriction relation, but and rules related to the form. Therefore, designers should first improve their aesthetic consciousness, make sportswear modelling the pursuit of a noble natural style, avoid inappropriate exposure and XianRong; Second to grasp general modelling design knowledge, such as design basis, plane composition, color composition, and so on. But here can not use a lot of space to talk about formal beauty. But this section with the formal beauty of law as a general guide, namely the unity of harmony and diversity. This is only sport suit collar, sleeve to consider, in the form of design problem, if coupled with the degree of shape, can appear set the rationality of the neckline and armhole structure problem. - From rui-pu liu 'apparel pattern design principle and technology Ladies knitting 'sports is a custom-made clothes suit company, no matter from the selection of raw materials, or from the sport version, is the pursuit of perfection, 19 years of focus, make constant progress. Sportswear design is the design of have to last long, occupy the important position in the sport history, is also a time for our movement's preferred style, as a result of what use is a light fabric, breathable sweat, therefore, was most welcomed. We buy one or two pieces of clothes suit, basic to the stores in the street or on taobao to buy, because there are so many styles for us to choose! But if we want to buy large quantities of clothes or a coupon, it is recommended that you let's take a look at. Relevant recommendations: what shoes fashion casual pants to match
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