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Sports clothes collocation must pay attention to the surrounding environment

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
Some people think that body best not more than three colors. This is to calculate a relatively safe method of harmony. For example, in a vented the small blue collar suit on, the following can be considered with a blue and white floral full-skirted dress; Wearing a brown shirt, small squares on the part of the body can wear light brown flexure skirt, the outside is a beige waistcoat. With containing color collocation and nearly color collocation, these clothes did not wear more than 3 kinds of color, but appear harmonious and elegant, abound change. On the other hand, if the dress colour desultorily, heavy Triassic four, often give a person the sense with flowery, frivolous and tacky, can subtract, minus must not & other; With kid gloves & throughout; 。 ( Motion pants wholesale) 1, pay attention to the dress color and the surrounding environment of conciliatory environment with people, just show alive and, similarly, people need to be content and value of environment of the foil to reflect beauty, the two complement each other, with the inevitable connection. For example, work in a hospital, medical staff uniforms must be calm, soft is usually white, light green, pink, etc. Go out for an outing, colourful and environment harmonious, foil atmosphere. Perfect dress should be the harmonious unification of design, material and colors, color echo each other strong colors feel to the person. 2, the colour collocation of the successful effect colour also shoulders on the responsibility of express apparel design. Successful matching colour combination, ideographic concise profound, humorous and outstanding. Dress color tone should be consistent, to produce the harmonious aesthetic feeling. Dress to the overall effect of the supplement, not black tone, tone is white, or reddish to, or the yellow tones. Most of color is unfavorable, but simple but not drab. Even level much, also cannot appear red, give a person the first to see the effect of color tone. Outstanding theme is to clear what they wear uniforms, say from season, is the spring and summer, or autumn outfit, from objects, are women's or men's clothing, from the point of occasions, is evening dress or casual wear, is a professional attire or family, and so on. Wear clothing with environment, all should highlight the theme. Sportswear basic tone is determined, also note the echo fluctuation outfit and accessories. To avoid the color & other; The collision & throughout; , is not clear, primary and secondary, a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. Upper body, lower body will not be able to spend more; Sports wear colorful, adorn article tonal should be composed, monochromatic outfit for lace, flower it is not suitable for garments, such problems, often need to use your head. Therefore, appropriate dress to a simple and easy, lines, the design is as simple as possible, avoid by all means is mixed too much colour and pattern of too complicated. In a wide range of lace, lace sportswear few people can wear, easy to make the person produces & other; Petty & throughout; Feeling. Color by the unified coordination, can appear so elegant and generous. ( From Lu Le the clothes wear and tie-in skill) As a professional sports wear suit custom manufacturer, has for years been engaged in sportswear, custom industry for countless groups customized a lot of team sports clothes, relying on excellent quality and excellent service to win the favor of consumers, and obtained the consistent high praise. Apparel design is the design of have to last long, occupy the important position in the sport history, sport suit is made of high quality raw materials, apparel customization technology is advanced, if you need to customize the clothes, just contact us: - 020 38024509
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