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Sports clothes custom basis

by:Breitex      2020-07-12
Sports right now to tell you what is the basis of sports clothes custom? We need to customize a clothing, involved in the program and process is nothing more than a few links, respectively is advisory negotiate, sportswear play version, sign a contract, orders, production, inspection of the goods and payment. Small make up today to speak in detail under the version of the sports clothes custom basis for sportswear. Sports clothes customization based process is introduced, Custom volleyball clothing) Sportswear to play version of the creative design is the clothes they make sample, also called sportswear pattern, also known as a model or sports wear sportswear template, the correct name is apparel structure design. Divided into the following steps: 1. Determine the style of the clothes type, customer needs, various parameters, such as loose quantity and so on. 2. According to the information specified in the first step, in combination with the current popular, make ideal sportswear basic pattern. 3. Determine the reproduction, by analyzing the new design is what kind of requirements, according to the requirement of the sportswear design changes on the base type, finally to achieve the requirement of the new style. 4. Replicate pattern and the pattern above plus nine aspects. 5. Check the pattern, carefully check the comprehensiveness and accuracy of the pattern. In the basis of the above five steps is clothes customization is more difficult, is also a link, laymen more don't understand, hope that through the introduction of small make up, you can understand. Relevant recommendations: guangzhou sportswear unlined upper garment customization
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