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Sports clothes custom how to set the folding door wide size is reasonable?

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
1. How to set the folding door wide size is reasonable? Answer: single mouth closed collar fold door is wide press button diameter plus the fabric thickness of 2. 3 - 2. 5 cm. General set of buttons for less than 1 cm in diameter 1. 5 - 1. 7 cm folded. Fold the door wide open collar as the diameter of the new port Settings. The double PaiKou clothes fold door width is set by the wide type modelling. But also should have minimum 5 cm, to 10 cm wide, medium for 7 - 8 cm. Folding door wide mainly based on the size of the crushed pieces of size and line spacing ratio to determine the ideal. ( Games entry suit) 2. Why would shoulder seam back tilt? How to solve when playing board? A: the shoulder seam tilt back because before the shoulder seam did not pull to open. Because from the perspective of the shoulder modelling of the human body. Is a former shoulder concave. After shoulder outside convex cambered, so while I was playing board should be after the shoulder seam to longer than shoulder seam before 0. 5 - 0. 7 cm. After MAO seam shoulder slightly longer than before and after shoulder seam 0. 3 cm. This is required in the human body internal and external circular arc senders. Shoulder before unplug the place and the place of the shoulder seam shrinkage after all is in front of the shoulder seam by 50%. After put the wool seam, before the shoulder seam after the shoulder seam should not be less than 0. 3 cm, otherwise it is a problem with the seam MAO method. Should be revised. - From Zhang Xiaochong the 'sportswear to play board troubleshooting 150' high quality sports wear suits, sports website, here brought together many styles of clothes suit, spring and summer, qiu dong season, there is a dedicated outdoor, have business and leisure travelers. We buy one or two pieces of clothes suit, basic to the stores in the street or on taobao to buy, because there are so many styles for us to choose! But if we want to buy large quantities of clothes or a group of words, suggest you to let's see, original design to ensure that can meet your team's unique properties. To ensure the team image display, is your best choice for team sports brand of sports wear suits. The balanced and proportion of relevant recommendations: sportswear design
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