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Sports clothes customization: divider and the combination of pleated skirt

by:Breitex      2020-07-12
Similar line and regular fold, because of their respective characteristics, so the combination of them is easy to achieve unification. It can be understand that rules are rules fold flat form, law of fold is line of solid performance. Thus, emphasizing the flat clean and orderly stereo modelling is the combination of choice, and also can promote the comparison of two kinds of factors, so as to show a distinct personality. Case 1: arc segmentation and jian pleated skirt. Pith curve segmentation, on either side of the skirt side arch shape, both sides of the divided design seven tung plait to refuse. The combination of the design is different from general, it USES the arc segment and the combination of tung, the increase in the structural design of the difficulty, but has increased the new idea on modelling, characterized by smooth and ups and downs, stretch and compact, forceful and soft style. Example 2: line with the combination of the pleated skirt. Production of the horizontal line in the graph as the yoke line, through the transfer of two provinces to complete the yoke structure. Remaining in the line of the following provinces and one dark folds. Under the yoke front and rear have eight fold, from the broken seam to the hip line between 1/2 fold made open wire fixed, long skirt can also use the mini type. Fabric choice on surface fabric and different color can be the dark folds of cloth cloth combination design. In track and field sport in pattern design, the basic pattern of the first side suture and arc divided into vaulted, between waist-to-hip moving front and rear each province as the skirt is placed, another province to move people and repair the intersected arc along the line and waist line. On both sides of the divided as part of tung plait, whole parallel fold, including residue side seam of the province and in the middle of the two dark in the fold. Arch line increase after the fold is very difficult to grasp, when processing must be able to restore features. To achieve this required the most accurate and effective method is: the first is divided as fold part of the copy down, and to determine the position of the fold; Then with tissue paper, according to the size of set of dark fold folding parts fit and cut open the molding with the copy, rendering is accurate pattern, its reducibility is accurate and correct. Any more complex line with countless fold pattern processing can be adopted. We set in the design of the main factors to consider three aspects, one is the design, the second is the fabric, three is positioning. Set design not only by individual hobby is designed in a hurry, but after a long period of accumulation, keep up with the trend of The Times, to cater to the mass aesthetic idea, etc. , in this way can suit designed clothes accepted by the public, can have a good sell. The fabric to pick the also has exquisite, sport suit what situation should be what kind of fabric, cannot use at random. Positioning is also very important, do not set but very poor quality in the price of Nike, adidas, such consumption don't pay, also not very good quality clothes, the price is very low, factory can't accept. Relevant recommendations: guangzhou sports apparel manufacturers
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