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Sports clothes there are several kinds of fabrics

by:Breitex      2020-07-12
Sports clothes there are several kinds of fabrics? Overall, the common of it are the main types of sportswear fabrics on the market: type soft fabrics, fabrics, transparent fabric luster, pretty cool, icy silk fabrics, high-density composite cloth, polyester, crescent cloth, bamboo charcoal fiber, all around, and so on. The sports clothes they introduce several kinds of fabrics soft fabrics: soft fabric is generally thin, lubricious feeling good, model lines smooth, sportswear outline of the nature. Soft fabric is knitted fabrics and silk fabrics, as well as soft and thin yarn fabrics, etc. Gloss type fabrics: smooth surface, and can reflect the light, has the feeling of yi yi is unripe brightness. This kind of fabric, including satin fabric woven with commonly, evening dress, performance clothing. Transparent fabrics: transparent fabric quality of a material is frivolous and show, with elegant and mysterious artistic effect. Pretty cool type fabrics: pretty cool clear strip type fabric dimension sense, can form rich sportswear outline, common cotton cloth, twill, corduroy and ugly linen cloth. This kind of fabric can be used to highlight the design of sportswear modelling accuracy. For example, the design of the suit. Ice silk, icy silk fabrics is the concept of ice silk fabrics. Is the marketing strategy, the purpose is to attract consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of sales. The basic component of viscose fiber is cellulose, C6H10O5) N o ordinary viscose fiber cross section is zigzag skin-core structure, longitudinal straight groove cross. And rich fiber without skin-core structure, cross section is round. Viscose fiber has good hygroscopicity, under the condition of the atmosphere, the moisture regain at around 13%. Significant expansion after moisture absorption, diameter increased to 50%, so the fabric feel stiff after launching, shrinkage rate is large, often used in the summer sports apparel customization. : high-density composite cloth is a kind of widely applied to sport coat of fabric, breathable warm, suitable for autumn and winter wear, common in sports wear suits. Polyester: is an important variety of synthetic fiber, name of commodity is polyester fiber in our country. It is a purified terephthalic acid (pta) ( PTA) Or dimethyl terephthalate ( DMT) And ethylene glycol ( 如) As raw material through esterification and ester exchange and polycondensation reaction of fiber forming polymer & ndash; — Polyethylene terephthalate ( PET) Made of fiber, the spinning and aftertreatment. Crescent cloth: because the fabric in the department named crescent shaped holes, common in strenuous exercise is wearing sports clothes, such as basketball, football and track suit, etc. , breathable perspiration, relaxed and quick-drying. Fabrics, bamboo charcoal fiber: new health bamboo charcoal fiber is take the bamboo as raw material, adopts the high temperature pure oxygen and nitrogen blocking time delay is calcined new technology and new technology, made of bamboo charcoal are born with microporous more elaboration and honeycomb, then with honeycomb micropore structure trend of modified polyester slice of melt spinning. All surface function: improvement on the original double play, with four sides stretch, very suitable for mountaineering sports clothes.
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