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Sportswear menswear armhole depth in custom machine line how to decide?

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
1. Sports clothes customization in the men's clothing of armhole depth line how determined to be good? A: determine the men's clothing of armhole line generally there are three ways: (1) from the BNP point up, can according to the armhole AH value of 50% minus 0. 5 - 1 cm. (2) according to the basic to push files, each increase 4 cm bust, sleeve longs to add 0. 6 - 0. 7 cm. (3) by 16% Chest circumference and 8-17% 8. 5 cm to armhole width to adjust door, anyhow should equal to the set of AH. With sleeve slash is proportional to the Angle and sleeve type of the basic conditions. AH value is commonly bust of minus 1-50% 2 cm. Sports clothes customization of armhole depth and shoulder width is proportional to the, every increase 1 - 1. 2 cm shoulder breadth, the deepening of the deep to 0 the sleeves. 65 - 0. 7 cm. Of course, in the same kind of clothes money structure can use this method of reasoning. If the design is changed. Best to find out the modelling of the sleeves and AH value and then to set the armhole depth is better. 2 sports leisure suit. The modelling of men's shirt sleeves and cuffs fold tung has what kind of approach? Answer: the modelling of men's shirt sleeves and suit sleeve and jacket sleeve is different, most sports clothes customization in the form of single sleeve, and both for body pressure sleeve bag sewing process, after the sleeves arc is outward, in order to support after the clothes back rich and armhole depth of floating loose quantity. Men's shirts sleeve deep into low sleeve and sleeve two is low. The bust and 2-10% Three mile equals sleeve depth is high, it is worthy of garment body measurements should be in shape; The chest minus 0-10% 2 cm is equal to the sleeve deep high, is to configure the looser clothes. General sports clothes custom shirt cuff will set the plait tung, one, two and three fold tung. Sleeve right there are two kinds of a method of using piping do sleeve; The other is a separate, while in the piping for inner do high and low pipa flap. Said the collar. Because of the pipa collar width is 2. 5 cm. In the front of 1 cm wide. This sleeve will increase 2 cm wide. So, in sports clothes custom plate. Before and after the cuff width should be taken: shirt cuff / / 2 - long 1 cm + ( 3 - 3. 5) Cm ( Fold tung) 。 Autumn is coming, whether it should be ready to autumn suit of clothes? Don't wait to fall to remember to buy clothes. Upcoming fall sports apparel, welcome the masses of customers friend pay attention to our official website, which will in the first place will be released the new fall sports clothes to the website, choose for friends. The autumn sports apparel continues the consistent design style, contracted and the atmosphere, sports and fashion, is the best leisure and sports wear. No matter from the quality of the material or workmanship fine, the sports have become the perfect, and do their best, produce higher quality clothes sets, to the health of the consumer in contribute an own strength. Relevant recommendations: outdoor backpack wholesale
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