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Sportswear order price

by:Breitex      2020-07-12
If a people buy sports clothes, we usually go to the sports store or online store to buy, but if is as a team to buy, believe that many people will choose to apparel manufacturers. But the clothes they make to order and how much will it cost? It is hard to say clear, because, after all, is not the spot of sports apparel, sports clothes custom-made price interference by many factors, such as the order quantity, style, fabric, and the goods time, in addition, if need to printing logo or text, sportswear custom-made price will be higher. Small make up just to share some common sportswear customized offer reference for your reference. Sports clothes custom manufacturers offer ( Mountaineering sports clothes) Low-end clothes custom-made price: this kind of clothes they choose fabric and workmanship are rough, because is taking bottom line, in 200, for example, plus printing printed logo about the range between 20 to 50. In high-end apparel customization price: taking the high-end line, the quality much better than the low end, do manual work is also to the fine aspects of development, there are more choices in style, the printed word can also provide the embroidery logo. Of course, if choose embroidery, price is more expensive than thermal transfer. In 200, for example, in the high-end sportswear order price is in commonly 100 to 300 yuan between. High-end sportswear order price: high-end guess, such as the rich high-end services to private, a piece of clothing can you need thousands, of course, small make up is according to the team to discuss, because it is a high grade, in material and workmanship are harsh, if print logo also is compared commonly good embroidery craft, is much more expensive than mid-range price. Most of them are more than 500. Relevant recommendations: guangzhou sports apparel manufacturers
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