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Sportswear sleeve shape and pocket

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
Sports clothes sleeve shape changes include cuff size, wide and narrow, the thickness and synchronized to change; The change of the sleeve cap height; The change of the wide and narrow sleeve cage; The change of sleeve fold; Open mode, position, length change; The change of the length of the sleeve. And sleeve edge form change, and so on. Above these sleeve shape changes in the form a complete set of clothing design is a very important one annulus. Sleeve type besides common long, medium and short sleeve, also popular nowadays bat sleeve cuff, butterflies, oil and bitter fleabane bitter fleabane, sleeveless, such as design, used not only for women, men can also wear a characteristic. Upper body in white, for example, pure silk collar, the bat sleeve blouse, wearing black jeans, with a moderately thin, wide belt, show the charm of the very natural and unrestrained, handsome, strong and handsome. ( Sports clothes) In addition, sports clothes bag basically patch pocket, dig bag, stick to dig bag. Pocket changes including the change in the mouth, light and shade; The change of the pocket image; The change of the pocket depth; The change of the pocket and buckle; The change of the matters and mouth; The change of the pocket position; The change of mouth bearing Angle; Pocket are changing oblique; The change of the pocket edging; Pocket decoration line changes; And the change of bag cover, etc. - From Lu Le to wear the clothes and tie-in skill, high quality sports wear suit in the sport's official website, there are 2015 summer, autumn set of the latest model, design is original design by the designer, elegant style, excellent quality, suitable for bulk purchasing team is play games ceremony sportswear brand of choice for group activities. 19 years, the movement of the apparel industry, make production set of process improvement, and constantly learning the advanced technology, the introduction of high-tech equipment, raw materials, let the clothes they wore healthy, beautiful and easy. Relevant recommendations: sportswear unlined upper garment unlined upper garment to civilization what are the same and different places
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