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Swimsuit maintenance has the following elements:-Breitex-img

Swimsuit maintenance has the following elements:

by:Breitex      2021-03-16

1. Wet the swimsuit with clean water before going to the swimming pool;

2. Avoid rubbing against rough rocks or the ground and sliding on the swimming pool sliding table when wearing, so as not to damage the fibers of the swimsuit;

3. Use sunscreen cosmetics carefully to prevent damage to the swimsuit material or discoloration;

4. After swimming, it must be cleaned with water below 30 degrees Celsius as soon as possible and rubbed with hands. Do not use dry cleaning, machine washing, tumble dryer, or ironing;

5. Avoid putting wet swimsuits in plastic bags for a long time or mixing them with other clothes;

6. Do not use detergent, bleach or hair dye, etc. when cleaning;
7. After washing, please dry it in a relaxed and ventilated place, and do not expose it to direct sunlight;

8. When storing for a long time, please don't put it in the cabinet with a moth-proof solid smell.
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