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the best yoga innovations 2019

by:Breitex      2020-06-14
Yoga has a history of thousands of years. although we have many modern changes now, its original intention is to achieve spiritual harmony on the road of enlightenment.
However, yoga must meet the needs of the 20 th century in order to survive. first century.
By doing so, it becomes more accessible.
Nowadays, it is more widely regarded as an alternative form of fitness and is becoming more and more popular.
Due to its deep roots focused on breathing and meditation, health professionals recommend yoga exercises as \"mindfulness\" to almost anyone, so, most of the commercial gyms you\'re running into now offer some sort of \"vinyasa\" course.
Therefore, yoga naturally becomes a huge marketing opportunity for industries around the world.
So we see the proliferation of new innovations and small inventions to help drive this discipline in a whole new area.
According to the latest statistics, Americans spend $16 billion (£12bn)
Every year on yoga classes and equipment, it looks like it\'s going to rise.
So whether you\'re more like a little yogi looking for quality props to help you progress, or you\'re exploring new innovations that can improve your practice, here are some of the best-from high-
Clever use of tech props and wearable devices
Carefully crafted mats, apps and costumes.
Best practice offers suggestions for improving upside down: You like to try handstand, but always hit the person next to you almost on the ribs, then this cunning device is perfect for you to practice your posture.
The innovative inverted assist enables you to maintain a safe and stable bedside table posture without any pressure on your neck and spine.
It also gives beginners the confidence to stand up and enjoy the benefits of sirsasana, while allowing more experienced practitioners to choose to challenge themselves and enjoy the inversion of a new version beyond their previous practice.
Buy 120 from yoga lovers.
For a strong savasana: The yoga practitioner\'s bare finger press masseur the bald finger press Mat works in a manner similar to the ancient art of acupuncture
Stimulate the energy, vitality and happiness of the body.
The gentle, painless stress of the mat relaxes the body and releases endorph, creating what the manufacturer calls \"vitality within the body.
They mean that you feel a pleasant feeling when you use the mat, which is said to help you invite joy, energy and calm during the day.
You should lie on the mat for the best benefit of 20-
40 minutes a few times a week
It was a great feeling and the price was quite reasonable with only £ 29. 99.
To help with these back bends: damha whelsley Damo Mitra created this amazing tool in 1977 to help people achieve what they never thought could be done
It is by an ecology
Friendly, all natural and recycled ABS and PU materials, as well as enough weight and strength to withstand your weight.
£ 65 from yoga lovers.
Best yoga wearables and alignment techniques: Pivot connection yoga leggingsPivot yoga is a smart costume collection that promises to help you do yoga properly without a coach at home
It does this by giving you feedback from small sensors on the clothes that can tell you if you are in the right place.
Yoga costumes are said to be \"look, feel, breathe, wash and perform\" like your standard yoga outfit, but the smart thing is, it will also have a wireless connection to the company\'s mobile app, where you can take an online yoga class.
The sensors on the clothing will be linked with your body\'s \"Live Avatar\" via the app, and your pose will be displayed via video so you can compare your actions and routes with the teacher.
The costyoga costume collection is not yet available, but be vigilant as it will be available soon.
For fitness tracking: Apple Watch is one of the few wearable devices with special yoga
Apple Watch is probably one of the best smartwatches in yoga, if you insist on wearing it.
In addition, yoga and wearable technology like Apple Watch are very different things.
But they will inevitably be together.
When yoga becomes more and more abundant, the public becomes more and more healthy.
Because they\'re technicians.
Smart, so gadgets like Apple watches have surged, both areas are respected.
Breathing: iBreve weareablebreve is a wearable device that analyzes your breathing patterns and provides you with intelligent feedback before stress is about to rise, a wearable device that is perfect for yoga, because breathing is the most important part.
With iBreve, you can see data about your breathing, stress levels, and daily activities. Its non-
The intrusive design simply needs to be seamlessly connected to the underwear and can even be washed in the washing machine.
However, it hasn\'t been bought yet, but it will be available soon.
Be careful!
Support tracks: Sony WF-
You may not think this is possible, but there is a pair of headphones designed to practice yoga: Sony WF-SP700N.
These wireless buds are ideal for this situation because they have digital noise-
Remove the technology in Bluetooth design, allowing you to listen to music without any background interference, or be free not to be tied to your phone.
They also have this safe fit design, so earplugs sit comfortably in your ears in your vinyasa flow.
They\'re also IPX4 sweat
If you prefer stronger practice, resist.
They were bought from Sony for £ 180.
Best match: Liformeyoga matThe is different-
What looks like the Liforme mat is an incredibly sticky kit perfect for strong poses and inversion that require good grip.
Its ecological environment is very good.
So is the certificate.
The most important thing, however, is its alignment mark (
Called AlignForMe)
Lay on the mat and help anyone
More experienced
During the practice, remember where to put your hands and feet in order to maintain the correct posture.
Definitely one of my favorite cushions with a tote bag.
It\'s not cheap, £ 100 per pop, but it will last you for years.
Game time and inversion: forming carbon
Negative Cycle Yoga British fitness recently created the world\'s first carbon emissions
Negative round yogurt, fun to play.
They are very concerned about the environment and are made of recycled natural rubber and recycled plastic bottles so that resources are not mined and will not help fight against the single
Use plastic scrap.
I was also told that their production and delivery follow carefully monitored carbon emissions
Taking into account the carbon emitted by permat, the distance traveled and the mode of transport used to ship to the customer, negative assessment. So eco.
While them is designed for sustainable use, they are also designed to be recycled when replacing them.
Their size and cushioning material mean they are also perfect for inversion and play.
Take a 79 from the form. For the super-
Sweaty yogis: the exposed claws of yogis
Slip technique, the yoga mat with the bare claws of the yogis is the best in the grip test, ideal for those who sweat a lot (definitely me).
From eco-
Friendly natural rubber, which is not only eco-friendly but also half the price of a similar popular yoga mat for £ 52. 99.
Travel: Manduca is one of the largest yoga mat brands in the world and one of their best yoga mat brands
The recognized mat is the theeKO Lite, which offers a naturally rough surface, an ecology
Friendly and biodegradable materials.
The best thing, though, is that it\'s very lightweight and slim in design, which means you can fold it up and put it in any bag and you won\'t feel it there.
As its name implies, it is biodegradable, non-
Natural gum harvested by Amazon
Toxic foamer and non-
So there is no environmental pollution here.
Find it on Manduka. comfor £65.
And from (warrior)
A to B: Yoga bare yoga mat carry belt this yoga mat carry strap is fully adjustable, which means it fits any yoga mat in length and height you feel most comfortable.
The Yogi Bare carry equipment is made of vegetarian leather and durable nylon straps, and is also equipped with a removable strap for cleaning or simply using the base as a neat mat holder.
It will set you back for £ 26. 95 from yogi-bare. co. uk.
Best Ecological Park
Realize: Ohmme apparelNot tech itself is the male yoga clothing brand Ohmme clothing, but still full of innovation.
Take the green Defense shorts of firm\' seco Warrior II as an example, which are made from high-performance recycled polyester jerseys to prevent odor and bacterial growth.
Green defense technology is also a high-performance clothing to avoid heavy metals or toxic disinfectant processes.
They are also very comfortable when you want to do yoga in 30 minutes
Like me, the temperature is very high.
All Ohmme costumes are completely sustainable, as are vegans.
Find shorts at Ohmme clothing for £ 52.
Best apps and services for Apple Watch owners: poketyoga appThis teaching-
The dedicated app has more than 200 pose images so you can keep up with the practice at your own pace and at your comfortable home.
It allows you to view the current pose, remaining time, and other useful information on your smartwatch.
Free download.
Europe: Modern Life movement-
Yoga enthusiasts are required to strive to completely transform the online yoga and healthy world and make modern life the perfect antidote to busy modern life.
City by UK-lawyer-turned-
Yogi Kat Farrants, the platform offers an intimate online experience where users can benefit from a relaxed and enjoyable yoga teacher.
There are more than 800 yoga, meditation and mindfulness videos on the Modern for Modern app platform, providing users with a series of experience levels and lengths (
2 minutes to 90 minutes),and yoga type.
Members start at £ 10.
99 times a month with unlimited access to all videos and challenges, and 24-
If you have any questions, feel free to contact the yoga teacher.
For the US: OmStarsstreamed yoga class, and yoga is included in the latest fitness activities
Demand platforms, which we typically find to be more basic traffic or junior classes focused on fitness.
This is not a convincing thing that real yogis will find.
However, OMstarshas focuses on bringing authentic yoga classes to its platform, and the level is also good for intermediate and more advanced practitioners.
It is very rare on these platforms.
You can start with a complete beginner, go deep into the traditional practice, or follow the discipline of astonga, take part in a specific challenge and learn how to stand or relax and recover with Yin.
OMstars offers unlimited streaming on all your devices for $14. 99 (£11. 50)
A month, more than 1,000 different classes and classes are offered to support your practice on the mat or on the mat.
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