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The differences of semicircle skirt and full circle skirt

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
Semicircle skirt conspicuous consumption refers to the skirt is half of the entire circle, the circle skirt is skirt to maximize performance. Semicircle skirt and full circle skirt pattern processing, completely removing the role of the province, in the case of the waist length unchanged, can be directly changing the curvature of the lumbar line to increase the skirt. Importantly, the lumbar curve to draw it, the more coordinately, the better, so that we can make the plait skirt waveform of uniform distribution, the effect is much better. Design semicircular skirt and full circle skirt pattern is the most scientific method is to use formula for circular arc radius, is sure to skirt waist waist radius of arc length and arc. Circle radius = 1/2 circumference of PI, if the circumference, as the waist, 2 PI two quantitative, namely 2 x3. 14 = 6. 28 x, full circle skirt waist radius of arc length is 1/6. 28 waist circumference. This formula with the radius of circle, and pay in circle, has made the reticle, line segmentation by 1/4 circular arc is 1/4 round the waist line. And then determine the line before and after the long skirt, and skirt cycloid. Note after the midline vertex for Asian design to reduce a 1. After molding, 5 cm, in order to obtain skirt level state. According to this formula also got round skirt pattern, namely the whole circle the diameter of the skirt is just round skirt waist radius of arc length, and then finish half round skirt long skirt, dress, and before and after the midline. Guangzhou sports apparel manufacturers cut the application principle of exhibition design of semicircle skirt, it can help understand the waist line and in the process of the substantial changes to restrict relationship. For 1/2 waist width and length of skirt long rectangular vertical divided into several equal parts, the more integral unit, the change of lumbar curve, the more accurate it is coordinately, skirt shape is better. Gird lines under the action of each point of division, evenly bending by a quarter circle when they finished half round skirt pattern, and continue to bend to one half circle is the circle skirt pattern. According to this reason, you can simplify the intermediate links, as shown in figure 7 a 8 suggests can be directly to complete the whole round skirt and semicircle skirt pattern, the key is to ensure that the fan in the four corners are 90, arc length and a quarter of the waist, fat 1/8 + 2 waist diameter formula. 5 cm, it is the experience formula of the radius of circular arc, the last to check whether the lumbar curve for a quarter of the waistline. From using mathematical method to map out the whole round skirt and semicircle skirt pattern, restricting the determinants of skirt is best illustrated the principle curvature of waist line. In addition, the whole round skirt to make the structure of the special processing. In the entire circle skirt hem of discharging whatever it takes to come into contact with straight wire, cross wire and wire. Because of the scalability of inclined wire is very strong, so when molding, in the inclined wire cloth may want some than the actual elongation, this will cause skirt is uneven, in order to avoid such consequences, in the skirt of inclined wire is lose some, generally about 4 cm, then gradually restore to the original cycloid, designers must according to the elasticity of fabric, flexible in terms of fabric. - From rui-pu liu 'apparel pattern design principle and technology Women's clothing of sports clothes for the 'high quality does not necessarily reflect in terms of price, now network so developed, information communication become very convenient, have to earn money by poor information is very difficult. Everyone in the pursuit of cost-effective, so set also gradually to a low price high quality route of development. Ended the previous low low price, high price of a single situation. Will position itself in the high-end brand route, determined to make China's sports apparel group buying the first brand, has always insisted on doing the movement of high quality high quality sportswear, cost-effective way, let you with low price to buy high quality sports wear suits. Relevant recommendations: badminton clothing customization
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