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The incredible story of the Australian invention of the puffer jacket

by:Breitex      2020-06-17
Few people know that this dolphin jacket comes from the hottest and flattest continent on Earth, and it is a win for warmth and comfort over the good looking.
The story dates back to almost 100 when the son of a farmer from Orange became a war hero, inventor and competitor to George Mallory, who became the first
His name is George Finch.
He is a chemist and an outstanding mountaineer because his bomb won MBE-
Production skills during World War I.
In 1922, he was invited to join the first Everest expedition in Britain.
He is a controversial choice.
Robert Winwright, author of the Maverick Mountaineer, said: \"He is a colony and he has long hair, which means it will fall on his shoulder, he\'s already a biography of Mr. Finch.
He is sometimes considered an arrogant person. but]
More importantly, he is a confident person and will not lie to anyone.
\"At that time, climbing the mountain was a gentleman\'s game. Finch\'s biggest opponent in the expedition was a noble golden boy named George Mallory.
Fincher and Mallory are considered the two best climbers in the world, but there is no doubt that the Alpine Club in London wants who will be the first to climb Mount Everest --Mallory.
\"I think they\'re two dead enemies of George,\" said Wright . \"
\"One is a romantic figure, Mallory, who often walks naked through the top of Tibet.
Then there was Finch, who was a more calm and studious figure, who planned every step of the way.
\"But Finch was too smart to invite the expedition.
In order to climb, he invented two techniques, which are still used on Mount Everest.
Bottle of oxygen and dolphin jacket.
Among the nobles who led the expedition, bottled oxygen was even more doubtful --
This is considered to be an unfair form of assistance, and therefore the United Nations
To make matters worse, it was invented by a colony.
His dolphin jacket, or what Finch calls his \"iderdown coat\", is considered beyond doubt.
British climbers were wearing a blend of jumpers and scarves.
Even pajamas with Norfolk flower suits on them.
Finch\'s porpoise is bright green and is customized with hot air balloon fabric.
\"The color alone will make him the object of a joke,\" Wright said . \".
\"Other people look great wearing all kinds of flowers.
Winwright found a receipt for the porpoise in the Archives of the Royal Geographical Society in London.
It comes from SW Silver and Co, clothing contractors and manufacturers of camping equipment.
Attached to the letter is a note that says: \"According to Captain Farrar\'s instructions, we send you a duck down lined coat, trousers and gloves with correspondence.
The clothes were made according to the orders of Captain Finch of the Everest expedition \".
Behind the scenes, the leaders of the Alpine Club sent notes to each other laughing at Fincher\'s dolphin jacket.
\"They have designed the most wonderful devices that will make you laugh,\" adventure secretary Arthur Sinclair wrote . \".
\"Please see the official photographer taking a photo of Finch wearing a patented mountaineering suit and oxygen device.
\"In the early days of the expedition, the use of oxygen was banned, and Finch found himself disliked oxygen.
After being found repairing his boots
Something a gentleman will never do.
Someone heard Colonel Edward Stert, deputy head, say, \"I always knew that guy was a shit \".
But Fincher\'s skill and ingenuity have indeed earned the respect of the people.
Adventure photographer John Noel wrote in his diary, \"Fincher, with a scientific mind, invented a fine green quilting duck down suit made of airplane fabric.
No wind can pass.
Later in the expedition, Finch wrote in his diary: \"Everyone is envious now . . . . . . My duck down coat is no longer laughed.
\"Mallory has a chance to climb the mountain for the first time.
Mallory, wearing his flower suit and without the help of oxygen, failed to reach the top of the mountain.
A few days later, Fincher was finally allowed to climb up with a down jacket and oxygen system.
8,360 m-
Anyone who climbed the highest --
Before his exhausted partner forced him to retreat
Two years later, the London Alpine club returned to Mount Everest in 1924.
It was George Mallory who led the climbers.
George Finch was not invited.
Instead, Mallory\'s partner is the third.
Andrew Sandy Owen, chemistry student of the year
The last time I saw the two alive, they moved quickly at the height of Mount Everest.
The two died of flowers with Finch\'s oxygen system.
Robert Winwright wanted to know what it would be like if it was Finch and Mallory climbing together, not young and inexperienced Sandy Owen.
\"The George and his wife could have conquered Mount Everest that day.
They should all survive.
\"This is part of the mystery,\" he said . \".
Nine years later, after his friend died in a climbing accident, Finch gave up the climb.
He later became one of Britain\'s most senior scientists.
His son Peter Finch became a famous actor.
Thirty years later, George Finch became an advisor and mentor to Edmund Hillary\'s successful climb to Mount Everest in 1953.
On this adventure, Fairydown, a New Zealand company, improved Finch\'s design and made a jacket that looks very similar to today\'s porpoise.
The rest is history.
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