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The law of the normal pressure, pleated skirt design

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
When normal pressure design te plait skirt, must pay attention to the following questions: first, in the design of buttocks abdomen of normal pressure plait, want to consider to uniform processing in province quantity in every fold. Second, the fold volume from top to bottom, generally parallel to add, this is mainly to make silk cloth direction is always consistent with any folds, there is a case of cloth should be so, at the same time, this structure is a rectangular pattern, which is formed by the material can be used a lot of live temple structure joining together freely, thus large save material; Third, all the shrine fold need ironing shape, therefore, should choose to have certain chemical composition of blended fabric cloth. Example 1: normal pressure plait skirt. Normal pressure is a typical design of pleated skirt. Its characteristic is that the direction is to the left hand side of the fold, and the whole dress full of fold, hip pleated waist is lifted, pleated natural opening arrangement. For this, on pattern processing, not only the difference between the hip and waist to evenly into the fold, but also to the waist to hip line about 12 cm long fold, made wiring fixation. This can make hip appears smooth and plump. The pleats ironed finalize the design, due to the tension of cloth, has not been made fixed line fold, natural open from top to bottom. Thus, even though the pleats is parallel to the additional, but this kind of special process to make it still displayed after forming rich type A skirt features of space. Sport suit normal pressure group buying pleated skirt pattern design, do not need to use the basic pattern, because the direct design more simple and easy, but the basic shape of the skirt should always in mind. Total production figure on the shrine of fold is 24, if use half the pattern design, is 12 folds. First of all find out half of hip and waist is bad, just out of the waist and hips actual dosage, the difference between them is obtained. In a long waist size upper vertical half waist line, 1/2 hip circumference of the hip line + 3 cm ( Relax, segment, and then lead to long skirt is made oblique trapezoidal. The waist-hip length of two lines members in 12 equal parts, each of them arise the waist-hip differential total dispersion is a part of the average. The folding fold volume ( Dark fold) Between Ming fold into each, at the same time, the dispersion and dark folds, also pay attention to the fold folding amount cannot be greater than the Ming fold twice as wide, in order to avoid overlapping double fold. Finally from the midline vertex after 1 cm to fix the waist line, set the side seam opening, complete before and after the two pieces of pattern. Put aside fold number choice, can freely, but, no matter how much a waist-hip differential try to evenly appended to every dark in the fold. Of course, do not do to fit the shrine plait there would be no need to do the processing. Example 2: local pleated skirt. Shrine fold the local design combined with segmentation is applied to skirt, the pleats movement function is on. Its modelling basic structure of tight skirt, just the waist and no waist head design at the waist. Tung plait don't fit you, so you just need to parallel fold can achieve its function. - From rui-pu liu 'apparel pattern design principle and technology Women's clothing, sport suit was so popular, small make up personal feel should be as a result of the sport itself attribute decision, because the sport suit to wear very comfortable, is very suitable for men, women and children wear. Plus in recent years, the sport suit already stuffy old style from the past, constantly updated styles, chasing the trend of The Times, no matter from the aspects of style or fabric or color, suit of clothes they are doing now is very good, not only in the sports occasions to wear, in the most life scenes, and even commercial scene can be seen on the set. Relevant recommendations: guangzhou sports apparel manufacturers
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