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the masters: bubba watson humble after second augusta triumph

by:Breitex      2020-06-21
Bubba Watson soon played down his achievement of winning his second Masters title in three years as Jordan spice announced he was ready to taste major successes.
Watson, after 69 games at Augusta National Stadium, beat Spitzer and Sweden\'s Jonas bullixt in three shots to become 17 players who won more than one green jacket
The list includes Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary players, Nick Fardo, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, but Watson is not going to accept elite players
\"No, no,\" 35-year-old left-hander said.
\"Once again, I was lucky to have two green jackets.
I just wanted to keep my tour card every year and it would be great if people said I was a good player.
\"I want to play golf for a living.
I\'m not trying to get everyone to tell me how great I am or to tell me that I am one of the greatest players in the game.
I like playing golf.
I like games, I want to grow games.
This game brings me everything I have in my life.
\"Watson is very matched with Spitzer\'s bird --
3 and 6 out of 4-
Spice\'s Former after drilling out of the bunker in green city
But after his partner watched the bird for the seventh time, he was still behind two shots.
However, Spice
Hit the eighth, shot another shot in the ninth, holes birdied out in 33 years and claimed two shots
Nine Square backward to shoot the mat.
\"Eight and Nine are indeed turning points in momentum towards me,\" Watson added . \" He reached 366-
Drive and sand wedged into par in the yard-
On the 5 th and 13 th, he set up his only bird behind the 9 th.
\"Then the group in front of us and the other groups, you can tell no one is really on fire.
I don\'t think there are too many birds after the 10 th.
\"I don\'t remember the last few holes. I only remember hanging and doing pars.
Somehow, I did it and it was a little easier to walk 18 this time.
\"Watson beat Louis othetzen in a play --
Two years ago, he added: \"There is a big difference this time.
The first one was almost as lucky as I was, it was a hard work and dedication, and I took this green jacket back last year after giving it away.
Defending champion Watson presented a Green Jacket to champion Adam Scott in 2013.
On Sunday, the roles were exchanged.
\"I told Adam we should keep switching back and forth,\" Watson joked . \".
Spieth, who wants to be the youngest Masters champion ever at the age of 20, said: \"On Sunday, I have been trying to lead the Masters all my life, and I have it in my hand and could have taken it forward, but the putter is not finished, and that is what it is.
\"I want to get into the argument that\'s what\'s going on, but I can take a lot of positive stuff.
My game went well and I felt I was ready to win a game.
It\'s just a matter of time, maybe just a little bit of knowledge.
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