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the most inspiring bikini photos you\'ll see this summer

by:Breitex      2020-06-14
When Bethany Townsend posted her holiday photos online, she never imagined that 9 million people would see them and receive 200,000 \"likes\" and more than 17,000 shares on Facebook (and counting).
Why is there an overwhelming interest? The 23-year-old make-
Worcester\'s artists and models pose in a bikini, showing two colon pockets.
You see, Townsend has a clone disease-a disease that causes inflammation of the digestive system and affects digestion.
In severe cases like Townsend, the damaged portion of the intestine is removed (
16 inch of her cases)
The healthy part is taken to the outside of the body as \"colestom.
This is often the root cause of the patient\'s concealment and perceived embarrassment.
Townsend accepted her illness as a sensation on the Internet and as a source of inspiration for others. < noframe>
Twitter: saldaran Carol AhmedGood on <
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@ BethyTownsend IBD< /a>
Patients can make a difference! <
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@ CrohnsColitisUK
@ BethyTownsend IBD< /a> < /noframe>
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Is your vocabulary \"male\" or \"female \"?
On Facebook, Towsend posted a message expressing her doubts about the reaction to the holiday snapshot: Townsend suffered from cloning at the age of three.
Her childhood was a long list of drugs such as minor surgery, steroids, inflixumab, and ammonia-a-butterfly --
It was even fed for four years.
In 2010, she was put into a colon pocket after her intestines broke.
After a hasty surgery, she woke up in the intensive care unit and found that two colon pockets had been installed.
It was a shock.
\"When I was discharged from the hospital, everything was finally in trouble and I remember going upstairs into the bedroom and suddenly burst into tears,\" she admitted . \".
But Townsend said she did not shed any more tears after that day.
When she met her 33-year-old husband, Ian, he did not have his eyelids.
\"I really feel like I\'m overreacting,\" she said . \".
Bethany is on vacation.
Photo: Bethany Townsend.
\"After three and a half years, I finally decided that my colon should not control my life.
When my husband and I went to Mexico in last December, I finally showed that I was not ashamed.
Bethany was wearing a bikini and found nothing. No one stared.
She realized that she had no reason to worry about it and even educated the hotel staff about cloning.
Inspired by her friend\'s positive comments on the photos she posted on social media, Townsend contacted the UK Facebook group for clone\'s disease and colon disease a few months after her vacation, and
\"I\'m glad it gave me a lot more insight into the cloning disease, which gave me more confidence in the colon pocket making.
\"If I can motivate or help others in my location to feel a little more comfortable on their own skin, then I\'m really happy.
Bethany\'s model.
Photo: good living clothes.
But Townsend is still suffering from cloning.
It came back just around after her packing.
\"I went on with a stem cell transplant trial in the UK and she explained:\" We all want it to work, but unfortunately I found S. Aureus from my skin and blood, it killed me almost twice. \".
\"Since then, my clone disease has still been very active and I \'ve lost more weight, and now I\'m waiting for the NHS to fund a drug that hasn\'t really been listed in the UK yet.
If that doesn\'t work, the gut transplant is in the process of negotiation, and since I don\'t have anything left, my gut is no longer there.
\"It is hoped that her active advocacy of the disease will help to further understand the cause of the disease.
Townsend is clearly frustrated by the lack of progress, often commenting on Weibo. < noframe> Twitter: Dobz -
So the NHS is not going to fund me a trial drug because my clone disease is too far away and there is no evidence that it will help! THANKS ð& Yuml; x98xad< /noframe>
That is why she is so keen to use her new platform to spread information about the cloning of the disease and to raise awareness of one or two people per thousand in the UK.
\"I\'m still hopeful,\" she said . \"
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