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the perfect swimsuit for your body type

by:Breitex      2020-06-16
We all want to look slim in Sharon StajdaOne\'s swimsuit article. What most women have in common is that we all aspire to the perfect fitted swimsuit.
However, finding the ideal swimsuit is not easy at all.
I decided to do some research on how to find the perfect swimsuit for my personal size.
Along the way, I learned a lot about body types and how to disguise areas that need to be disguised.
This knowledge provides me with what I need to choose a style that suits my body shape.
I found it much easier to finally find a swimsuit style, which I felt fit my body and comfortable to wear.
Let me share a secret.
Before I did my research on body size, I wouldn\'t even consider the style of the swimsuit I ended up buying.
Hope you can take a look at the little tricks I put together and it will help you find the perfect swimsuit.
The first thing. . .
Swimsuits should be more comfortable and comfortable
Keep in mind that your swimsuit should be comfortable and you should feel comfortable when you are wearing a new one.
I recommend one if you like swimmingpiece swimsuit.
Find a suit that offers comfortable shoulder straps, along with an elastic fabric that doesn\'t climb up the back when you swim.
Reality is so important when choosing a swimsuit.
Consider your body type and what style is most attractive to you.
When you reach these two-
Be sure to consider, \"Am I realistic? Will a two-
Really good for my size. \" ?
I just said!
It is very important that you also have to be attractive when you wear a swimsuit.
Yes, even sexy.
Let\'s find a perfect swimsuit for you.
First of all, I have to warn you that this is where you have to look at your body and start working on specific body problems.
It\'s good considering that few women will claim to have the perfect body.
Most women will admit that there is at least one problem with their physique.
It\'s time to stand in front of a complete person.
Long mirror in the nude and have a long look.
By doing so, you can see what you need to show and what you need to downplay.
Today, tips for large size women looking for the perfect swimsuit offer a wide variety of styles for large size women.
And a variety of colors and fabrics.
So, if you\'re a woman with extra figure, keep in mind that you can also find a suit that fits your figure.
Fortunately, today\'s designers realize that not all women are number two.
Now there are a variety of large size swimsuit styles to choose from, not only fashionable, but actually a fuller body.
So, how should a full-bodied woman choose a swimsuit? A swimsuit that is both flattering and comfortable and strives to highlight her wonderful curves in all the right places?
First of all, when you buy a new swimsuit, you usually wear a typical boring black swimsuit.
It\'s time to think about the happy color and the great print!
If you are in good health
The round curve you will look great when you put on a colored swimsuit and choose a color to highlight your round female curve.
You have to know another important consideration of your figure.
You must be very familiar with your personal image.
This means that you have to see your figure in the mirror and choose the features you want to highlight.
At the same time decide which parts of the body you want to dilute.
It really needs a good long-term study. length mirror.
So, is your cleavage complete?
Maybe you have strong muscles and sexy legs?
Learn about the body frame and all its great assets.
Then you can choose the perfect swimsuit. Be Realistic -A One-Piece Or A Two-
Many women just don\'t feel comfortable with two. piece swimsuit.
In fact, some of the most beautiful and sexy women on the beach prefer to wear one-piece suit.
Maybe women of this type like to show enough skin to make a statement without feeling like they have to expose it all.
Maybe they are just playing with their best assets. The one-
A swimsuit will show more back and less belly.
In addition, in general, there are more cleavage in addition to the thigh.
So maybe one
If you want to show the best assets of your body, one-piece swimsuit is a great choice.
Such as beautiful cleavage and sexy back.
When concealing stomach problemsSmall Up Top . . .
Pad or not? Small on top?
Looking for top and bottom to provide some paddingwire.
If you have made up your mind to buy two
Suit, look at a demi bra swimsuit.
This swimsuit is a good choice for women with smaller bra sizes.
It can provide a beautiful and fuller chest image for those who have no talent. line.
Be sure to buy a suit with adjustable straps with this type of suit.
It will offer you the option of hiking for your breasts, which will add again to offer a fuller look.
Another trick to make your chest look bigger is to think about folds.
In fact, the top of the fold is very hot, in line with the trend.
You can also think about bandeau top or tri-
Most importantly, these seem to be actually the best for women with smaller breasts --line. With a lot?
If your top is big, it\'s always smart to buy a swimsuit with extra support.
The top below can work well and give you a good onesupported look.
Try on a suit with a sling
At the top, halters gave a lot of support and stretched the body to remove attention from the chest.
Looking for styles that surround in the middle, can be tied to the back, the tie at the back can provide a lot of support and provide some lifting.
Another good choice is
There are some structural swimsuits in the chest.
A soft foam cup or at least one shelf bra can add support.
Prefer a more sporty look?
Try some straight cut chest styles like classic tanks.
The classic tank is a nice look for a plump woman.
It stretches the body by providing a long and thin look.
If you\'re thinking about wearing a bikini, remember that you still need to think about good chest support.
Short legs or TorsoA high-cut hips are necessary to lengthen your appearance.
If you have short legs or short torso, you will want to create the illusion of long legs or torso.
Try a swimsuit with a higher cut in the thigh area.
This will make your legs look longer and slimmer.
If you have a bent hip, this higher thigh cut will really increase your waist circumference as well. Add a heart-
I promise you will have what you dream.
If you want a long torso, think about the stripes!
I know you \'ve heard how stripes stretch the body visually, so be sure to consider trying on several sets of vertical stripes.
What should be avoided if your legs or torso are short.
Boy shorts and skirting bikini will draw the eyes down and reveal a sharp outline on the top of the leg.
This will make the legs look shorter than they actually are.
For tall long-legged women, long-legged clothes are usually easy.
However, it is not easy at times when choosing a swimsuit.
Generally speaking, tall women don\'t want to look too thin and long in swimsuits.
In order to hide the long torso, think about the horizontal stripes, and your body shape can pull the horizontal stripes.
Look for colorful suits, as well as fine fabrics such as velvet or elastic Terry.
If you want one
One swimsuit, try on a few fab cuts-out suits.
It will break your long torso.
Look at the tall woman, the boy\'s shorts --piece.
It\'s a great way to show your hips while making your legs look a little shorter.
Have you tried a swimsuit with a pleated skirt?
Please do so and you will be surprised by the look of your higher frame.
What to avoid, upper and lower stripes, high neck lines and dark solid colors.
All of this will extend your framework.
Long legs, prominent some women have long legs and feel comfortable with the protruding look.
So if your legs are long, you might want to highlight it.
Try on a suit with the bottom tied to the hip.
Find a higher suit.
Cut in the thigh so your legs look longer.
This swimsuit can make your legs look shorter.
Finally, try the pattern design that runs vertically.
If you want a strong suit to keep the color bright.
About neckline, V-
Draw your eyes up and down the neck line in shape to make you look higher.
If you have a picture of the shape of a pear, pear
The key is to draw the eyes up.
Try on a swimsuit with a design or decoration on the top of the suit.
A slightly designed swimsuit at the top will attract eyes and stay away from the hips.
If you have a double shape, what to avoid when buying a suit.
Stay away from small bikini trunks with decor.
Remember, we want our eyes to stay away from pears --shaped bottom.
Make sure your top is the main feature.
No skirts and boy shorts, the bottom should fit well.
Keep the bottom color darker and save all the colors on the top of the suit.
If you have a slim or sporty body, a sports suit that looks great will make your body more flat.
A slim, muscular woman can actually wear a swimsuit with shorts on the bottom.
If you\'re a tall woman
Excessive patterns can keep your attention away from your height and put the spotlight on the body parts you want to show off.
Another nice option is the classic tank with a lower top and a little cleavage exposed.
You are lucky to have an hourglass shape.
To show the hourglass body type, you might want to try one --piece suit.
In a bold suit in color, the body shape of the hourglass looks great.
Each curve can be displayed in color. Have a tummy?
Think about Empire waist
The empire\'s waist is perfect for the shape of an hourglass.
The higher waist works by attracting attention from the abdomen, drawing eyes to the chestline.
Don\'t let a big bust stop you from wearing two clothes. piece.
If you have this shape, do it!
Try adding a top of a sling or broadband sub to it to add support.
Select a built-in top if needed
In the bra for extra support.
No obvious waist?
Try tankinis.
Tankini can provide a great solution for a larger waist.
If your waist is the problem, think about transferring your eyes to your cleavage area and taking out plenty of chestline.
Try on a swimsuit with a sexy neckline like v-
Heart-shaped finish with neck or neckline.
Do you need to make your waist look smaller?
In fact, according to the rules, the size of the swimsuit is to decorate a specific part.
The elements you are looking for will help create smaller waist circumference, thinking, color and even stripes.
Another good suggestion is to try on a suit with a side shirt and a waist plug-in.
The shirt and side plug-in pull the waist.
The princess\'s vest line also drew her eyes to the top of the cleavage. One last tip -
Try the lighter and darker set on the top, which will help balance your figure and determine the waist circumference.
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