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The price of swimsuits varies greatly. How to choose?

by:Breitex      2021-03-16
Summer is the peak rafting season in Qingyuan. The high temperature boosts the major drifting scenic spots and grows significant tourist venues in the urban area. Swimming products have also become popular products. However, these swimsuits' quality varies from good to bad, and the price disparity is significant. Some swimsuits fade after wearing them, and some swimsuits can cause discomfort or even allergies when worn. Others have not prepared their swimsuits in advance and just bought a swimsuit on the side of the road and put it on.

Market: Summer swimwear products dominate.
Many swimsuits, goggles, lifebuoys, and other items are hung on the shelves inside and outside many stores. The boss said, 'From the end of June, with the arrival of the city's peak rafting season and the opening of major swimming venues, more and more people come to buy swimming equipment, especially during the high-temperature days in early July. Business is scorching. The highest daily sales reached 1,000 yuan.' The shop sells swimsuits and swimming trunks ranging in price from ten yuan to one hundred yuan. There are various swimwear categories, especially women's and children's swimwear, including bikini-style and one-piece swimwear. There are dozens of styles, such as skirt styles and so on, giving consumers many choices. The owner said that swimwear with a price of 40 to 50 yuan is the best seller. It depends on the weather. When the weather is hot, you can sell 20 to 30 pieces a day. Swimwear with a price of less than RMB 50 did not indicate the standard, model size, and other information.
Besides shopping malls, there are also many swimsuits hanging in and out of scenic spots such as rafting, hot springs, and water parks, some of which cost more than 100 yuan, and some dozens of yuan. Because swimsuits use fewer materials and relatively simple craftsmanship, most of the swimsuits are currently produced in small workshops, and famous brand swimsuits are rare in the market, leading to the low quality of swimsuits in the entire market.

Consumers: price disparity and quality.
Some consumers report that the prices of swimsuits are uneven. It is understood that although some cheap swimsuits have bright colors, most of them have thin fabrics and rough artistry. The 'fabric' column marked on most swimwear labels indicates '80% nylon, 20% spandex'. But it is said that swimsuits are basically made of this fabric, and cheap and expensive swimsuits are written in this way.

Recommendation: Look at the label to buy qualified products.
Swimsuits are personal products. Low-quality swimsuits are easy to break and damage the skin and have a shorter service life. According to industry insiders, the prevailing swimwear standard is that the fabric is 18%-20% of spandex, about 80% of nylon, and the density must reach 48 stitches or more. At the same time, it must have a good feel and good resilience. Good to see the label on the swimsuit.
For those ultra-low-priced swimsuits, consumers should keep their eyes open and buy with caution. Recommendation: First of all, you should choose a well-established and reputable shopping location to buy swimsuits. Secondly, check the instructions for use, which is the tag, to understand the product's relevant information, such as fabric composition, safety category, quality level, specifications and models, implementation standards, washing instructions, manufacturer information, etc. Again, it depends on whether the fabric surface has flaws, color differences, stains, and whether the sewing track is straight and round. For swimwear with buckles, suspenders, and ropes, check these details' firmness to make preliminary quality judgments. You can touch the fabric lightly with your hands to feel the comfort (softness and breathability) when it comes in contact with the skin. Besides, swimsuits' elasticity is not that the more significant, the better, but the better the rebound and recovery. Consumers can pull it or try it on. Swimwear fits well with their skin and body. Swimwear that is too tight, loose, or oppressive is not suitable.
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