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the right fit - swimwear from lingerie brands

by:Breitex      2020-06-11
This is health for us.
\"So we love the underwear brands because they have a full fit experience,\" explains stacelle Hanley, a lingerie and swimwear buyer at lovtt . \".
When you go out in public wearing the least amount of clothing, the clothes you wear provide as much built-in support as possible, which makes sense.
There are now 14 swimwear brands in the pantts, focusing on the range of underwear brands.
\"You know, it\'s based on some of the best brands when you choose one of them --
Underwear accessories.
So it will be supported. \"Said Rachel.
So far, the average swimwear customer for the rebts is 34G.
They offer cup sizes up to Double H, 30-42.
Swimming brand on underwear label
For example, Maison Lejaby, which was launched in the store last month;
Chantelle, a new member of the season; and Pitusa -
It will also be powerful in hidden support details.
These include the control features of the gastric region;
Fine elastic fiber panels on the chest;
Rub on your stomach.
Functional and fit are the most important, but there is a growing emphasis on a clear independent holiday wardrobe and will invest in good non-
Swimming pieces, such as kaftans, can be worn when they are not actually on the beach.
\"When it comes to kaftans, our customers are looking for things from day to night,\" explains Rachelle . \".
Natural fabrics, light cotton suits and linens are preferred.
Something that is easy to wear, you can throw it on a necklace or belt and suddenly you can put it in the bar.
\"Although White is Kafka\'s favorite color, the color is huge.
\"The real difference between our customers who buy underwear and swim is that she likes bright colors,\" said stacelle . \".
\"The brighter the printing, the bolder the better.
It\'s like looking at a product makes you feel like you\'re on vacation.
\"Traditionally, the bikini will be favored by young customers, and the swimwear will be a little bigger, but the gap is disappearing as young customers prioritize standing --out pieces.
\"I find that young customers are not very interested in tanning;
\"They\'re not that much of a problem,\" explains stacelle . \".
\"Instead of worrying about tan line, they will seek more statements.
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