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This article tells you how to wear for running

by:Breitex      2021-03-16

No. One Match
Different temperatures can have the following combinations:
1.1 When the weather is hot
Running shorts + running vest (vests are more recommended, good heat dissipation, sleeveless can reduce friction)
1.2 When the weather is cold
Running pants + quick-drying T-shirt / running long sleeves + windproof running jacket
1.3 When the weather is moderate
According to needs, free combination,
The above are only personal favorites and can be combined freely, such as tights, jackets, skirts/shorts, long-sleeved jackets, short-sleeved.
Also, girls need to exercise Bra when running. In hot weather, sports Bra can also replace running T-shirts. Please search for specific sports Bra classification and selection methods.
No. Two Colors
If you often run on the road or at night, it is recommended not to wear darker colors all over your body; to wear some bright colors that are easy to be seen by drivers or others to ensure your safety. For frequent night runs, you can also choose clothes decorated with reflective materials.

No. Three Brands
Unlike running shoes, there is no significant gap between different brands of clothes. You can choose the best quality according to your preferences. If you want to save money and save trouble, you can buy the complete set.

No. Four Size
The clothes' size is not standardized, and the scopes of clothes of different brands are often different. It is recommended to try on the clothes in the store before buying.

No. Five Other (socks)
If the running amount is not high and the intensity is not high, wear the usual socks. Be careful not to wear low socks or boot stockings that can't wrap the Achilles tendon, which will quickly wear the Achilles tendon's skin. If the amount of running is large or the intensity is high, it is recommended to wear professional running socks with functions such as sweat absorption and anti-wear blisters.
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