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truth of earrings, bikinis and sports bras

by:Breitex      2020-06-13
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Why shoes are called \"pumps\" and other strange thingsbut-
You know the true story behind the clothes and accessories you love.
So, what is the trend of the tip? Open toe shoes start? Manolo who?
Long before they appeared on the TV show Sex and the city, the top shoes were favored by Polish nobles, who introduced the fashion to the UK during a diplomatic visit in the 1300 s.
Shoes, known as \"crackowes\" or \"plena \"---
Following Krakow, Poland-
Too long, often a chain from toe to knee is needed to prevent them from being dragged.
In 1363, the British tried to control the appearance by law and distribute the span of shoes to the social class.
Ordinary people can wear sports shoes with toes up to 6 inch, while Royal-class people can wear sports shoes with 2 feet long.
Who invented the sports bra?
Lisa Lindal, a 1977 student at Vermont University, runs 30 miles a week. -
She\'s not holding up her bra.
With the help of the two students, lindar sewed the two sports belts together-presto! --
Sports bra was born.
A year later, coeds created the Jogbra company and got an eternal thank you from the exercise
Love women everywhere.
About 40,000 sports bras are now sold each year.
Very simple: the best bra in each body. Does Mary Jane have a real Mary Jane behind her shoes?
Not entirely: the most widely held theory is
A character in the popular children\'s comic book Buster Brown in the 1900 s was named tied shoes.
According to the source you consulted, is Mary brief the lover of Buster Brown or the sister.
What does Shakespeare have to do with raincoats?
Water, gabadin
The mosquito repellent fabric invented by Burberry was first mentioned by Shakespeare.
The poet used the word in The Merchant of Venice, referring to a rough cloak as a protection against the Storm.
During World War I, British officers on the front line kept warm and dry in uniform coats made of this material-
Burberry\'s original trench.
Who was the first earhole?
No one knows who the origin of this style is, but there is evidence that it was back in 2500 B. C.
Samir women wear perforated earrings-gold half-moon hoops.
Men who are tired of defending Diamond nails can rest easily: men have been wearing earrings since ancient Egypt, and in ancient Egypt, jewelry was launched at 1500 B. C.
Really simple: the best way to clean jewelry what is the inspiration for Lily Pryce color printed dress?
The boring Palm Beach socialite Lily pritce opened a juice stand in 1959, but she found one drawback: the citrus mixture discolored her clothes.
She instructed her tailor to make a uniform that would cover up bright stains, as well as a \"comity\" design ---
Vibrant printed sleeveless cotton dress--was born.
This style was immediately welcomed by customers who soon started placing more orders for clothing instead of juice.
How are high heels, high heels and sneakers named?
The word \"pump\" first appeared in the 1550 s in Britain, where male servants liked the style.
It is said that the noise they make when wearing loose clothes
The shoes that fit are like the sound of the pump.
The word sports shoes entered the language in the 1870 s;
The rubber sole makes the shoes quiet and therefore \"sneaky \".
\"Modern usage of high heels, Renaissance-
The narrow era of assassin Italian words
Knife, first appeared in 1953.
The word proved particularly appropriate as the pointed heel of the shoe was murdered on the wooden floor.
When did people start playing around umbrellas?
For thousands of years, umbrellas have been used in places such as Egypt, China, Japan, miso and India to block the scorching sun from the head of prominent figures. (
Well when it rainsto-
In the covered car and car, it is true to keep dry. )
It was not until the late 17 th century and early 18 th century that umbrellas were used for bad weather.
Before the progress of manufacturing made them light, portable and available for ordinary Joes, it was another hundred years.
Has Bikini been so popular? Hardly!
Named after nuclear-
Bianca Atoll is the test site for its debut in 1946, but women in the United States think it is inappropriate for Bianca atoll.
They were not accepted until the age of 1960, probably helped by the hit song \"Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.
\"Is French handcuffs really designed for the battlefield?
It is said that the cuffs were designed to be used as handkerchiefs during the battle.
But, in fact, the French royal family invented this style in the 1500 s when the flowing sleeves were angry;
The nobles tie their sleeves back with fasteners.
Interestingly, the highly competitive Brits are trying to credit this fashion to them and until today they only call it \"double cuffs \".
\"Do women always bring wallets?
A long time ago, the ladies put the necessities in a small waist bag under the clothes (
Kind of like the early ancestors of Fanny\'s bag)
Can enter from the gap on the skirt.
About 1800, thinner, softer fabrics and thinner cuts are beginning to pop, and women can no longer hide bulging bags in the middle. The solution?
They started packing things with small money.
Why is underwear nicknamed \"drawer \"?
In the 16 th century, drawers became a common term for men\'s and women\'s underwear.
These items are made of linen, No.
Decoration, looks more or less can be exchanged (
This was before Victoria.
Only in the mid-19th century did decorative lace decorations begin to appear on clothing).
The most likely thing is that underwear won this nickname that is obviously not sexy because it describes the way people put on their underwear ---
Draw them up and up in the lower part of the body.
Simple: arrange your underwear in order
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