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Unit enterprise when purchasing sports clothes need to pay attention to?

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
Purchasing sports clothes need to pay attention to? Now is the hot summer, many need to outdoor unit buyer began to enterprise purchasing activity with the movement of the dry T-shirt. Groups as is one for the common goal and entertainment group, do not have a unified sportswear how line. Then it detailed introduce for everybody when purchasing sports clothes should pay attention to? One, to adapt to the change of surrounding temperature when we are in the procurement team sports T-shirt, attention should be paid to adapt to the change of surrounding temperature. Because of the movement, the human body itself will consume a lot of heat, if the movement environment of high temperature, it is suitable for some loose frivolous sports T-shirt, can choose the quick-drying clothes quickly helps the body heat, senior quick-drying fabric can avoid in the movement to the body function of unnecessary damage. Second, choose the appropriate sports T-shirt style in our campaign will be a lot of sweat, moisture loss faster more, then we should be more personal situation, choose the movement of water imbibition is strong, loose style t-shirts. Three, the color of the clothes language movement to the quick-drying clothes color is also very important, enterprise team sports clothes basic needs and the mass-tone attune of the mutual echo. At the same time the movement of each color clothes represent different personality, jun below will introduce sports clothes for you color symbol character. Red sports quick-drying clothes: active, enthusiastic, happy, a new and strong. Orange sports quick-drying clothes: confident, generous, good personality on behalf of the color. Yellow: the movement speed of dry clothes joy, youth, simple, easy. Blue movement quick-drying clothes: calm and silent. Purple: the movement speed of dry clothes noble, elegant. Black sports quick-drying clothes: mysterious, serious and mature. White sports quick-drying clothes: pure, simple, elegant temperament. If you have purchasing units of the enterprise the demand of sports apparel, welcome to contact us! Professional sports design exclusive solution for your team, make enterprise unified group figure.
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