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viral bikini photo of woman with crohn\s inspires others to bare their colostomy bags-Breitex-img

viral bikini photo of woman with crohn\'s inspires others to bare their colostomy bags

by:Breitex      2020-06-14
Women around the world who rely on colon pockets proudly reveal their stomachs in bikini selfies, thanks to an aspiring model who gave them the courage to do so.
The 23-year-old Bethany Townsend posted a photo of himself on Facebook last month, revealing two photos, causing a sensation
Highlight her beauty and the work of the colon pocket.
Townsend has been suffering from clone disease since she was 3 years old, and after her stool burst in 2010, she was fitted with a colon-made pocket, a device for collecting stools.
The makeup artist thinks she has to give up the model\'s dream after surgery, but after her image spreads like a wildfire (
It has nearly 250,000 likes! )
She is rethinking her options, and so are many others who are similar to Townsend\'s living conditions.
When Townsend\'s photo was submitted to the British clone\'s disease and E. Coli, the wind was blowing for the first time in the world ---
Organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients with inflammatory intestinal diseases (IBD)
The main manifestations are Clone disease and UC.
The organization posted it to its Facebook page, and from there, other people with IBD also started sharing their images, which in turn helped spread the tag getyoubellout, A campaign to raise awareness of IBD.
Townsend also encourages people to live bare, to show the world the true meaning of living with IBD, and to get rid of the shame of hiding the pockets of the colon.
Not only does the advocate inspire people to share pictures, she also lets people with IBD spread the details of their struggles and victories, allowing for more open dialogue and education on the situation.
For example, a woman named Charlotte Lili wrote on Twitter that Townsend inspired her to eventually reveal on Facebook about her years of misdiagnosis and how the inflammatory disease affected her friendship and work
\"I \'ve never wanted to tell anyone about my illness for years, and while writing this, I think I\'m worried about what I think once people find out, lilley wrote on the UK Facebook page.
\"But why is it important for others? It shouldn’t!
\"Townsend was struck by an overwhelming response to her vacation photos and hopes it will continue to make people like her start to feel comfortable with their skin.
\"I think it\'s hard for anyone with a colon pocket to finally get their body out and say, \'This is me, I\'m a little different from everyone else, \'she told the BBC.
\"But these photos seem to be working.
Everyone sent me photos of their holiday and it was great.
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