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In 1996, Scott Jones, a junior at the University of Oregon, did not like the quality or appearance of wool jackets on retail shelves.
No budget.
Students majoring in history and mathematics bought one of their own.
\"So I went out and bought the material and the pattern and made one,\" said Jones, 26 . \".
The first jacket, he admitted, was \"pitiful \".
\"I don\'t know how to play the connecting axis.
\"After seven years, Jones will probably weave a thread shaft in the dark with one hand, more than 5,000 pieces of clothing. Jones\' Eugene-
Headquartered in outdoor apparel, in addition to wool, in hyper-growth mode.
Customized manufacturers
Last year, in addition to Fleecelast, the size wool jacket, vestsand pants sold directly to customers through the Internet went through 1,000-
Added to the percentage increase in sales, Jones said.
The company expects similar growth this year --to-
Order technical clothing spread among outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts
Social-oriented magazines continue to publish high praise for beyond Fleece products.
To meet the growing demand, Jones rented an additional 1,000 square feet of space at the West Eugene industrial building, which he currently rents for a narrow 1,400-square-
Floor area for production, transportation and office.
Jones also plans to hire several new workers to help with sewing, which will bring the number of employees to eight.
It\'s not bad for a company that hired its first full-time employee a year ago
Officially registered two months ago.
His experience shows that even if most large garment manufacturers close their US market, a flexible entrepreneur can still make a profit in the US. S.
A long time ago, the factory contracted the work to low
There are wage factories in Asia.
Jones sees his company as a \"niche monopoly\" and believes that the success of surpassing wool lies in the high level of customization, fabric and competitive prices it offers.
\"We don\'t do anything else,\" Jones said . \"
\"No one can scalecustomize.
\"In addition to wool, orders are accepted over the Internet and over the phone, offering multiple options on size, color and fabric selection.
Placing an order requires the purchaser to submit the size information from height, weight, chest, trunk and neck dimensions to sleeve length and inner seam.
Beyond Fleece also offers customers the opportunity to design jackets, vests or trousers from scratch.
In addition to picking your own color, buyers can also choose a personalized outfit, including the location and quantity of the internal and external pockets, and whether to add an underarm zipper or the hood.
It\'s not just weird.
People like tallerthan-
Ordinary women or men who order custom clothing.
Jones is awesome. to-
A suitable person may form-
He sold for three years.
\"There may be a third purchase from us because of the price, and the third one likes us because of customization --
\"Design options and colors,\" he said . \".
The start-up company is going against the trend.
In the past 20 years, garment manufacturers
Including loyal supporters of outdoor wear The NorthFace, Columbia, woodland and Nike
Fled the United States.
While the labor costs and economies of scale that these large producers can find in Asia are low, Jones is also able to provide similar services
In many cases,
Despite the custom price.
\"He is able to compete because he has the ability to sew things like people want,\" said Dale Berg, an old friend of Jones, the owner of yekin\'s Berg ski store.
\"People are willing to wait a bit for this good state,\" Berg said . \".
\"I hope people are even willing to pay a little more, although they won\'t pay a little more in this case.
\"Selling directly to the public and avoiding retail signs --
This is another way for Jones to compete with overseas garment factories.
The lightweight synthetic materials used by Jones are from Massachusetts-
Headquartered in Malden Mills.
Malden invented synthetic wool in 1981 and is a popular brand of wool, Polartec.
Jones has found a Malden supplier in the Seattle area, and although he has historically ordered a small quantity, he is willing to give him a discount.
In addition to the fleece Polartec offers three grade jackets, vests and trousers.
The company sells a basic jacket made of Polartec 200 wool for $65.
In addition to Fleece\'s most popular wool jacket, the aPolartec weatherproof film costs $119.
A similar North Face jacket is sold near $170.
The waterproof jacket made in Colombia costs $110.
A survey of Eugene retail stores found that, in addition to wool vests and trousers, the price difference was similar to that of largercompany.
Jones says his target is the middle price of the market.
\"There are Colombia, REI and winter solstice in the middle, and the quality and price are good,\" he said . \".
\"Our products are in this range but are of higher quality and we have custom accessories and options.
\"Beyond Fleece reduces costs by keeping ads to a minimum, not taking a lot of debt, not accepting wages, but returning profits to the company,\" he said . \".
\"This is the only way to build this business,\" Jonessaid.
\"I don\'t give myself anything now, it\'s just something I need to live in.
Jones declined to give details of the company\'s sales or profits.
Jones\'s frugal lifestyle is a continuation of his student days.
After making his first jacket at the University\'s craft center, Jones found that his friends began to ask him to make fast food.
\"As long as they pay for me, I agree to make them jackets,\" he said . \".
Through word of mouth, demand growth.
Orders for the UO outdoor project and the South Eugene High School ski team began to come in.
Jones used his bed as a production table, often sewn up late at night, and then got up at five in the morning. m.
Do more sewing before class.
After Jones graduated in 1998, he continued his career despite his struggles.
He is reluctant to accept loans, investors, and credit cards to finance the company.
\"My friends have graduated and earn between $40,000 and $80,000 a year,\" he said . \".
\"I live on a dollar of food every day and I\'m tired of it.
Jones said he wanted to resign more than once.
\"I didn\'t know why I had to do that at the time, it was just that I knew,\" he said . \".
\"I knew it would work if I put my time in.
He eventually borrowed $1,000 from his friend\'s father to buy an industrial sewing machine.
In 1998, he launched Beyondsoft wool. com website.
But sales only picked up slightly.
Due to slow growth, Jones moved to Bishop, California, in 2000.
He ski in the nearby Mammoth Mountain in the morning and there in the afternoon and evening.
He said sales were sluggish because his company was not known.
Customers are not sure what they will get from \"companies they have never heard of before,\" Jonessaid.
After the ski season, Jones returned to Eugene in 2001, hoping to improve the site and hire talented athletes who can increase production.
He also got the Small Business Administration for $30,000.
Loan from Eugene
The Pacific Continental Bank is headquartered to fund the expansion.
Getting the loan is fairly simple because the company has been there since 1996, with good business plans and no debt, Jones said.
That was when Jones received a phone call from the editor of trend Backpacker Magazine.
She ordered a jacket and trousers from beyondale and was impressed.
The editor wants to make a brief comment at the company.
With two experienced sewers, loans, websites and rents, Jones believes he has to strengthen sales to cover the growing costs.
The timing proved to be accidental.
Backpacker reviews were released in November.
2001, Jones said.
\"We had a very busy holiday.
Jones says he works 16-to 20-
One hour a day, sevend passes the holiday week.
Backpacker told Jones in December 2001 that beyond wool won the magazine\'s outdoor clothing Editor Selection Award.
The issue of the award was announced on last April.
According to orders that began to pile up, Jones said he was able to track the magazine\'s national distribution route.
\"The initial call came from North Carolina, then Florida, teentes, then California and Oregon,\" he said . \".
Good sales.
\"We got the comments we needed based on the quality of the goods,\" he said . \".
Jones called the marketing help \"incredible because it\'s free.
\"During October 2001, the company sold about 2,500 pieces of clothing with sales of £ 2002.
Jones said he expects to sell about 4,000 jackets, vestsand pants in the next 12 months.
The growth in sales has enabled the company to purchase additional production equipment and hire more help.
Jones admitted that he worked well and said that he still took a long time when the order began to pile up.
Apparently, friends noticed.
\"He is a very talented young man,\" Berg said . \"
\"He just needs to figure out that there are only 24 hours a day.
I\'m sure he hopes to see 30 hours a day.
\"In addition to increasing production space, increasing workers, buying new sewing machines, Jones will also launch an upgraded website this month, which he said will make ordering easier and faster, let customers track orders from production and quality control to shipping.
Jones said he was aware of the trap of rapid growth, but years of hard work prepared him.
\"If I could make this company completely stable when I was 30, I would do well,\" he said . \".
Beyond wool business: Custom
Fitted fleece jacket, vest, trousers.
Sell to customers via internet or phone.
Owner: Scott Jones employee: six employees: 1996 Web site: www. beyondfleece. com CAPTION(S)
Scott Jones sewed custom clothing at his company in West Eugene.
NICOLE DeVITO/register-
Guard Hollis Drake cut the pattern for Amade. to-
Wool outside a single coat.
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