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What are the advantages and disadvantages of polyester fiber

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
The first is the hygroscopicity of polyester fiber is poor, is due to the quality of a material; Soluble special resistance is poor, poor permeability, easy to absorb dust, static electricity; Second is the dyeing performance is poorer, need with disperse dyes dyeing at high temperature. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the polyester fiber, polyester fabric easy to absorb dust, static electricity is produced. The winter wind is big, can imagine in polyester fiber fabrics clothes stained with dust, easily cause not beautiful, not only the most annoying is static, not only feel tingling, if be the pants will be close to the skin, because of the electrostatic completely out of my pants pants, very not good-looking. Second, the polyester fabric has very poor solubility. If there are any soot, or substances such as Mars, clothing made of polyester fiber will appear above the hole, this is a disadvantage of the polyester fiber is deadly. When wearing should avoid contact cigarette butts, spark and etc. ( Sportswear manufacturer) Three, the permeability of polyester fabric is poor, often in the body for a long time will feel more hot, so general polyester fabrics can choose to be in the winter clothes, this is have a certain influence to the comfort. Four, poor hygroscopicity of polyester fiber special, when people wear the clothes made of polyester fibers, there will be a hot feeling. This is special for its comfort. Five, the polyester fabric dyeing performance is poorer. Polyester fabric as a general industrial purposes are not easy to dye, have to pass strict working procedures, is more troublesome, so dyeing of polyester fabric is also one of its drawbacks. About the disadvantage of polyester fiber, we need to fully understand polyester fiber in life these disadvantages, because it is in our daily life, use or a special big, it will appear in many places in our lives. Sports is a custom-made clothes suit company, no matter from the selection of raw materials, or from the sport version, is the pursuit of perfection, 19 years of focus, make constant progress, constantly improve production technology, optimize the process, for the consumer to produce a batch of another batch of team sports clothes, winning the trust of the market! Nowadays, electricity channel opening, make the friends find we become more convenient, also make the latest information in a timely manner to everyone, to make our distance closer, make communication more convenient, let the sport suit for more people to know! Relevant recommendations: customized group work clothes
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